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How to Create Greetings Cards in Microsoft Word 2010

September 23rd, 2011

How to Make Greeting Cards in Word 2010

You can make greeting cards with Word 2010 for any occasion and event such as Birthdays, Get Well Soon cards etc which you can print yourself.

To create a card please follow the steps below:

1. Click on File from the top left corner.

Screen shot how to make a greeting card in word 2010


2. Click on New. The Template List will open. From the Template List, click on Greeting Cards.

Screen shot word 2010 how to make a greeting card


3.  Choose a sub-section from within the Greeting Cards menu.

How to create a greeting card in word 2010

4. Once you have selected a Greeting card sub section, you will see the Greeting Cards appropriate to it.

How to create a greeting card in word 2010


5. You can preview all of the templates in Word by clicking on them. When you have found the one you would like to use then click the Download button on the right hand side.


6. When you click Download, the Office Genuine Advantage validation dialogue box may appear. If it does then follow the prompts to complete the Validation of your Microsoft Office 2010 software.

Microsoft Guine Advantage dialogue box screenshot


7. You can customise the downloaded card by changing the colors and fonts or by adding your own message to it. You can also make your creation even more personal by adding your own photos to it.

How to create a greeting card in word 2010

8. Once you have created your Greeting Card, you are now ready to print.

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