The government’s benchmark industry standard figure for business in the UK (from the Home Office) report that in 2013:

  • 135,000 incidents related to phishing and deception were recorded by businesses in the UK
  • 229,000 cases of ICT fraud were reported by businesses in the UK
  • This represents an increase of 27% on data for 2012
  • No size of business was more prone, or more exempt, to attack – being an SMB is no defence

A report undertaken by the University of Oxford estimated that in a single year:

  • The costs to UK business of data loss are between 0.96 and 1.44 billion pounds
  • The losses due to online theft are between 1.0 and 2.7 billion pounds
  • The costs due to espionage are around 7.6 billion pounds

It is difficult to be certain of the exact numbers, because, understandably, a lot of crime against business does not get reported.