Logging a Support Ticket

To request support click Log a Ticket in the Service menu and then select a support type.

Log a Ticket

Click log a Ticket

Choose Support Type

You will then be presented with a list of support options to choose from, please select the option that best fits your type of issue.

Select your support type

Select your support type

Select Sub-Category

Then select a sub-category to further narrow down your specific issue.

Choose a sub-category

Choose a sub-category

Complete Form

You will then be presented with a form, please complete this as accurately as possible, and provide as much information as you can where requested.

Complete support form

Complete support form

Attach Files and Screenshots

Attach fileYou can also choose to attach a file of up to 4MB or take a screenshot and attach it to your ticket, if required.

Log Your Support Case

submitWhen you’re happy with the details you have provided, please click the submit button to log your case.

Helping us to help you – resolving issues quicker

We appreciate that it may take you a little time to report your issues by answering our questions and then completing your form. However, this will mean your case has been reported accurately and with as much detail as possible.

This will enable us to identify your issues quicker and allow us to deliver a much faster resolution time for you and your staff.

Need help or more information

If you’re having any difficulties using Service Hub, need more information or want to arrange training, please call our Service Desk on +44 (0)115 860 2094 or email support@air-it.co.uk