From time to time you will receive notifications from our Service Desk about support issues and updates about your tickets.

Your Notifications

Your Notifications

Types of notifications you’ll receive from Service Hub includes:

Desktop Alerts

When a new notification is issued you will receive a desktop alert that will pop up on your screen. This includes two types of notification:

1. Service Desk Notifications

If there are any support issues that may affect your business our Service Desk will send important notifications to you and your staff or selected people within your company.

Service Desk notifications

Service Desk notifications

Service Desk notifications will show as red messages when popping up on your screen and will be marked red in Your Notifications.

These important messages will remain in Service Hub until removed by the Service Desk team.

2. Ticket Notifications

You will also receive notifications about your tickets when a status has changed or a note has been added.

If you have access rights to approve tickets you will also receive notifications when new tickets need approving.

Notifications for ticket approvals

Notifications for ticket approvals

Ticket notifications will show as blue messages when popping up on screen and in in Your Notifications. These messages will disappear once they have been read.

Accessing Notifications

You can access notifications from your profile screen by clicking on the orange (unread notifications) or the red (important notices) buttons and by clicking Your Notifications in the Service menu.

Your notifications

Click your notifications

You will also be reminded about any important Service Desk notifications when logging new tickets.

Notifications show when logging tickets

Important Service Desk notifications show when logging tickets

Viewing Notifications

All notifications will be listed in Your Notifications and can be read by clicking on them.

Viewing Your Notifications

Viewing Your Notifications

You can also mark notifications as read, refresh your list and view read notifications by using the icons on the top right hand side of your screen.

Mark, refresh, read

Mark, refresh, read

Notifications Pending

The number of notifications you have pending will be indicated by the red circle next to Your Notifications in the Service menu and on Your Profile page in the orange or red buttons.

Buttons indicating unread notifications

Buttons indicating unread notifications

The Service Hub icon on your task bar will also highlight the number of unread notifications in addition to any approvals that are also pending.

No. of tickets to approve

Icon indicating no of tickets to approve

Need help or more information

If you’re having any difficulties using Service Hub, need more information or want to arrange training, please call our Service Desk on +44 (0)115 860 2094 or email