We're very pleased to announce that we have become a member of Nominet, the UK Domain Name Registry.

Nominet Member logo - Air IT support

Nominet runs one of the world’s largest internet registries and is acknowledged by the UK Government as the manager of the .uk Country code Top Level Domain (TLD).

Managing a database of over 9 million UK domains Nominet are also responsible for the infrastructure (DNS) that supports this.

Nominet is in regular contact with UK Government departments, who increasingly recognise the domain name system as a critical part of the Country’s commercial infrastructure.

Nominet also plays a role in the worldwide development of the domain name system and policy, and is represented in all international discussions.

As member of Nominet we are now an official registrar of .uk domain names and can therefore register these directly rather than using any third party resellers.

This means that we have been able to improve our domain management and registration services and can now offer a quicker, more efficient and cost effective service to our client base which includes businesses, organisations and individuals across the UK.

Need a Domain name?

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