We have improved our remote support portal so that clients are provided with a quicker and more efficient service. A separate button for each technician allows direct connection to operators....

In order to continually develop our processes and deliver a first-class support service we have made some improvements to our remote support portal so that clients are now provided with a quicker and more efficient service.

Our remote support portal now includes a separate button for each of our 4 Help Desk technicians and allows direct connection to each individual operator. Available operators are identified by an orange icon with a grey icon showing if they are unavailable – when dealing with another support request.

Remote IT Support operator icons

New buttons to iniate remote support session with individual operator

Our previous system utilised a single remote support button which operated on a round robin basis depending on which technicians were available at the time of the support call.

The new system means that our Help Desk can be more efficient when routing client support calls to the correct technician. This avoids client waiting times during follow-up support calls and means that they can be instantly directed to the correct technician who was originally dealing with their request.

Clients are then instructed to click on the correct icon to initiate a remote support session with their designated Help Desk technician. The technician is then able to gain instant control of their PC utilising our industry leading remote access software NTR global and can diagnose and resolve their problem more efficiently by saving time and speeding up the process.

NTR Global logo

The Air-IT remote support portal can be found in the Client Support Area on our website along with our Client Access Portal – a secure web portal allowing clients to submit and monitor support tickets, update tasks, review projects and utilise our extensive knowledge base.

For further information about our Client Access Portal please see Air-IT Launch New Online Client Access Portal