As part of our continuing Microsoft Partner status we are extremely pleased to announce that we have renewed our Small Business Specialist accreditation for the forthcoming year. To retain the certification..

As part of our continuing Microsoft Partnership status we are extremely pleased to announce that we have renewed our Small Business Specialist accreditation for the forthcoming year.

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To retain the certification, we were required to demonstrate our expertise in the planning, building, and implementation of IT solutions tailored to help small to medium sized businesses meet their varying commercial challenges.

This required our technical support staff to pass a range of practical assessments and exams measuring their ability to design, implement and deploy solutions utilising Microsoft software including Small Business Server 2012, Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010.

We were also required to pass an in-depth sales and marketing assessment testing our knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of small business IT needs and the value / benefits of utilising Microsoft server platforms, operating systems and business software.

In addition to our Midmarket Solution Provider competency (for medium sized businesses) the renewed accreditation means that we have an intimate understanding of small business processes, infrastructure needs and future growth demands with a proven expertise in building, customising, deploying and supporting IT solutions that best suit the unique requirements of the small business sector.

The accreditation also means we are a member of the Small Business Specialist Community and receive a comprehensive set of benefits from Microsoft that are otherwise unavailable. This includes on-going technical training specifically designed for the small-business industry sector, direct access to Microsoft contacts, 24 x 7 x 365 technical assistance should it ever be required and unique offers which are passed onto to clients.

As an organisation we hold a number of Microsoft competencies and specialist accreditations that are aligned with the specific needs of our diverse client base. This includes companies of all sizes ranging from small, mid-sized and large organisations in a wide cross section of market sectors.

We are constantly working towards achieving new competencies and retaining those that we already have through the continuing development and training of our staff. This enables us to keep at the forefront of emerging Microsoft Technologies so that we can deliver our clients the best possible advice available and continue to help them achieve their business goals and long-term aspirations.

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