We have recently invested in a leased line which will provide a private, dedicated and high speed internet connection that will deliver client's a quicker and more efficient remote support service...

As part of the on-going improvements to our support services we have recently invested in a leased line which will provide a private, dedicated and high speed internet connection.

We are committed to providing our clients with a first-class service and are always looking for ways to improve our service offering. The introduction of our new leased line will ensure that we deliver a consistently high quality remote support service.

A leased line is a private circuit that will deliver a direct internet connection between Air-IT’s offices and our internet service provider (ISP). This can carry any combination of voice, data, video and internet traffic.

Air IT support leased line

The new connection provides a dedicated, virtually failsafe super-fast internet connection with a predictable high quality performance and guaranteed speeds. The new line is not shared with any other commercial or domestic users, is extremely reliable and will not suffer any performance fluctuations.

This will mean that our support services will always be available to clients through our remote support portal and will not suffer any downtime. Help Desk technicians will be able to provide a quicker and more efficient service through our high speed connection. They will be able to quickly initiate support sessions and take immediate control of a client’s machine to diagnose and resolve any support issues that are encountered.

The new leased line connection is easily scalable allowing us to increase capacity as our needs change. It is also backed by stringent service levels guaranteeing the high availability of our remote support services. To ensure resilience and business continuity we will still operate our standard broadband lines, as a backup solution, making sure that we have continuous connectivity to deliver our support services.

As a leading IT and communications provider we provide a range of high-speed business class broadband solutions that meet the usage requirements of businesses of all sizes. Our solutions include ADSL2, Ethernet first mile, fibre optic broadband and leased lines and site to site connections.

If you are currently experiencing low broadband speeds, are reviewing your current connectivity needs or would like more information about our range of business broadband solutions, then please contact us today.