From July, we’ll be sending our client’s two new reports each month: an Account Activity Report and a Network Health Check report which detail...

At Air-IT, we’re fully aware that a stable and reliable IT environment is critical to the successful operation of our clients’ businesses. We’re constantly working to develop and improve our Service Desk systems, processes and services, so we can keep exceeding our clients’ expectations – without increasing their support costs.

Over the years, we’ve invested heavily in our IT support infrastructure. This includes Autotask, our industry-leading Service Desk management software, and PacketTrap, our state-of-the-art monitoring technology that alerts us to network issues before they impact upon a client’s business.

Air IT support client reporting

We’ve recently extended our Service Desk opening hours by an extra 2 hours, to give our clients improved access to our support services throughout their working day.

A New Client Reporting System

We’re also introducing a new monthly reporting system that will give our clients more transparency around the support work we’re doing on their accounts, provide information about their network’s performance and offer new health checks for their IT infrastructure.

To help us do this, we’ve just invested an extra £30,000 into PacketTrap, enabling us to further develop and maximise this application’s powerful capabilities.

Introducing Our Two New Monthly Reports

Starting from July 2013, we’ll be sending our Support-IT and Manage-IT clients two new automatic reports each month: an Account Activity Report and a Network Health Check report.

As with all improvements to our Service Desk and support processes, we’re bringing these new reports to our clients at no extra cost. It’s all part of our continuous drive to keep improving and enhancing our IT support service offering to companies in the Nottingham, Derby and Leicester areas.

1. Account Activity Report

This report will contain details of all the support activity completed on a client’s account during the previous calendar month.

Air IT support client report

The types of account activity covered will include:

  • Cases reported to our service desk and that we dealt with remotely, escalated to a senior engineer, or referred for a scheduled onsite engineer visit.
  • Any automated tickets for back-up failures and monitoring alerts flagged up by PacketTrap for performance issues that were rectified, and where we carried out preventive maintenance before these issues affected the client’s business.
  • Any management tasks, installations or workshop repairs that were completed.

The Account Activity Report has been designed to make sure we’re hitting our SLAs and providing our clients with a first-class IT support service. It also gives transparency around the work we’re carrying out on each client account, both on reported support cases and ‘behind the scenes’ on preventive maintenance.

2. Network Health Check Report

Our sophisticated PacketTrap technology continually monitors the health of our clients’ servers, desktops, devices and internet uptime to make sure their networks are always running at peak performance.

PacketTrap assesses a client’s hardware and network performance, identifying any software updates that are needed, and automatically flags issues when system performance drops below key thresholds.

Network Healthcare Report Air IT support

We wanted to share the results of our 24/7 system monitoring activities with our clients, which is why we’ve invested further to introduce a brand new and bespoke Network Health Check Report.

The report will outline:

  • The patch status of each client’s servers and PCs and any software changes made on their network over the last month.
  • Their network traffic / usage and internet uptime details.
  • Information about server availability, memory usage, processor usage, disk space usage and network usage.

We use the information provided by PacketTrap to proactively manage and identify any troubled devices on each client’s networks, so we can take the necessary steps to keep their systems running at optimum levels and deal with any issues before they impact on business performance.

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Air-IT is committed to providing each of our clients with first-class managed IT support services that meet their individual needs – improving efficiency and productivity, and facilitating growth.

Please contact us to find out more about our IT support packages and how working with us could benefit your business.