If you’re having problems with slow or unreliable business broadband, we’ve got good news for you.

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Due to a significant fall in costs over the last year or so, high speed, dedicated connectivity solutions are becoming much more affordable. Your company could enjoy the many benefits of an Ethernet First Mile (EFM) or leased line connection for a relatively small increase in your monthly internet costs.

The Benefits of EFM and Leased Lines

Simon Leadley, Sales Manager for Air-IT and our communications division, MBC, explains:

‘Changing to an EFM or leased line solution from a traditional ADSL connection will make a huge difference to your company’s productivity and operational efficiency.

Uncontended connections and high speeds make it fast and easy to share large files both internally and externally, as well as opening the door to all the advantages of cloud-based services such as server virtualisation, offsite back-up solutions and VoIP-enabled telephony.’

Both EFM and leased line solutions come with Service Level Agreements, guaranteeing minimum speeds. And whilst these connections are highly resilient and reliable, Air IT clients will have the ultimate reassurance of fully-managed routers and 24/7 fault monitoring, ensuring minimum downtime.

We will also set up a robust backup solution to guarantee 100% uninterrupted internet access and business connectivity.

EFM or Leased Line?

At Air IT, we specialise in helping companies in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and nationwide to find the right business connectivity solution.

Our expert team will take the time to analyse your requirements for speed, usage and security before recommending the best connection for your business. That could be EFM, a leased line or another solution such as fibre optic broadband.

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