We’re delighted to announce that our communications division, MBC, has been accepted as a member of the prestigious Federation of Communication Services (FCS), the UK Trade Association for the communication services industry, which is regulated by Ofcom.

FCS logo - MBC telecoms

About FCS

FCS members include manufacturers, distributors, resellers, retailers, and managed service providers like MBC. The organisation exists to drive up quality standards and promote professionalism within the business communications industry.

They also lobby Ofcom and the Government to shape industry regulations to create a fairer, more open marketplace that benefits providers, their clients and end consumers alike. FCS members are encouraged to get involved in these lobbying activities and have their say.

Why Become an FCS Member?

MBC’s FCS membership clearly shows their commitment to following industry best practice and operating in a professional and ethical manner. They had to pass a vigorous application process to show FCS they have the expertise, skills and integrity to offer their clients the highest standards.

Todd McQuilkin, Managing Director, comments:

‘I’m very proud that MBC has been accepted as an FCS member. It’s a great achievement that reflects the excellent quality we offer our clients. I’m confident that our FCS membership will really help us grow our business and reputation in the future.’

Great News for MBC Clients

The new membership will offers MBC clients a number of benefits. These include additional reassurance around customer service standards and ethical company practices, and access to the latest news about technical developments in business communications.

MBC’s new lobbying capabilities and access to extra help and support from FCS mean they can do more to represent their clients’ communications interests, for example, by addressing issues that are holding companies back.

Further details about MBC’s FCS membership can be found on their website in the article MBC Accepted as FCS Member.

Like to Know More?

Please contact MBC if you’d like to know more about FCS or would like further information about their managed communications services.

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