We’re extremely pleased to announce that we've been awarded Nominet’s top-flight certification of Accredited Channel Partner status.

Nominet accredited partner - Air IT support

Our new Accredited Channel Partner status involved meeting Nominet’s most stringent requirements, around both our technical management and customer service capability. Find us on Nominet.

This is a great addition to the service that we can offer and is one more burden that we can shoulder on behalf of our clients. It means that our clients can focus on their business and not on technical details.

James Healey, Managing Director at Air IT

Managing Domain Names

Domain names are something that, once registered initially, tend to be easily forgotten. This is not good.

Having a correctly registered domain name is critical. Failure can adversely impact all sorts of business-critical functions, such as access to your website, ability to send and receive email, your information security, remote access to company information, and the correct functioning of your organisation’s internal network.

Domain Names - Air IT support

It’s a seemingly trivial thing at first sight, but of critical importance to your business. At best, the result is a last-minute panic. The worst outcome doesn’t bare thinking about… outages, security breaches, lost productivity, and embarrassment in front of customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Seamlessly Managing the Re-registration Process

In addition to creating new registrations for UK domain names, Air IT can take care of clients’ re-registration processes, including any reminders, ensuring that all of those critical services continue to function without interruption.

James adds:

This is yet another way in which we can offer peace of mind to our customers – something else that they will no longer have to worry about.

We can offer this service as a standalone, or as part of one of our managed IT support offering, to all sizes of organisation, from start-ups to enterprise-level organisations.

Plus, with direct access to systems that manage the domains we can act quickly.

Our Capabilities as Accredited Registrar

We use our tailored professional services ticketing and management systems to achieve the following as efficiently as possible:

  • New and first time UK domain name registrations
  • UK Domain name renewals as part of a managed service or as a standalone offering
  • Ability and authorisation to fully manage domain name registration and renewals on behalf of 3rd parties (i.e. you, as our client)
  • Direct access to the Domain Name Change Facility
  • Authorisation to transfer ownership of domain names
  • Authorisation and confirmed ability to manage any customer services issues relating to domain name registration

More Information?

If you’d like more information about our domain name services, or any of our other managed IT support, communications and cyber security services, please contact us today and speak to one of our expert team.