Microsoft is set to end support for their popular Windows Server 2003 on 14th July 2015 – find out what this means for your business and how Air-IT can help.

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Over 11 million systems still rely on Windows Server 2003 and end of support is expected to have a massive impact on businesses around the world.

You need to take immediate action if your company is still using this software.

Why is support ending for Windows Server 2003?

Microsoft has already extended support for the platform several times, due to its widespread use and popularity. And since mainstream support for the product actually ended in July 2010, only critical patches have been released since.

Now the time has come for the support period to end, as Microsoft focus on supporting their newer Cloud and hybrid based technologies like Windows Server 2012 and Office 365.

So, whilst things might be ticking along nicely for the moment, the chances are this won’t last come July. Therefore, you need to seriously consider upgrading to the latest technology.

To learn more, please watch the Microsoft video below.

The risks of not upgrading?

If you’re still thinking about keeping Windows Server 2003, there are some potentially serious consequences that you need to consider:

No more updates

  • You won’t receive any product updates, security patches or bug fixes. This means you’ll be vulnerable to cyber threats and malicious attacks (malware, viruses, hackers) resulting in downtime and potential loss of critical data which will be difficult and costly to put right.

Compliance issues

  • Lack of security will lead to non-compliance with many regulatory bodies and industry standards. For example, you’ll no longer meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards – meaning that if you take credit card payments companies may refuse to deal with you.
  • Your compliance with data protection and ISO accreditation requirements may also be affected. This may pose serious implications to your bottom line and reputation.

Maintenance costs

  • If you don’t upgrade, be prepared for an increase in your maintenance costs. You’ll need to invest in security measures like advanced firewalls to protect your servers from attack, not to mention the cost of maintaining ageing hardware.

Compatibility problems

  • You won’t be able to use the latest hardware and software due to compatibility issues meaning that your business will not be able to embrace the latest technology and may fall behind competitors.

No safe haven

  • You won’t pass a compliance audit after July. This applies to virtualised and physical servers. Vendors will likely withdraw support for their applications too, which could cause major problems for your business.

To find out more about the risks and why you should upgrade, please read the IDC white paper below:

Windows Server 2003: Why You Should Get Current

What are your upgrade options?

Windows Server 2003 are you at risk banner - Air IT supportWith the deadline looming you need to act quickly if you’re still using Windows Server 2003 and avoid the risks of running unsupported software.

Upgrading to the latest technology really is the only option to ensure your business stays productive, compliant and risk free.

This should also be seen as an opportunity for change allowing your business to embrace latest technologies such as Windows Server 2012 and Office 365.

This will give you access to Cloud and virtualisation capabilities, leading edge security, storage and full compliance – helping you work more productively and efficiently and paving the way for your continued growth and success.

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For more information about Windows Server 2012 and Office 365, please have a look at the resources below:

How we can help

Migrating your business applications and server workloads is no easy task and you’ll need expert advice and guidance. Here’s how we’ll help:

Microsoft Experts

  • Air-IT are Microsoft experts and are here to help you find the best solution – whether this be on premise, Cloud or Hybrid based technologies.

Planned upgrade path

  • We’ll plan your upgrade process and will conduct an in-depth audit of your existing ICT infrastructure – your server estate, applications etc and suggest the most suitable upgrade path that will meet the future needs of your business.

Seamless migrations and support

  • Our fully-qualified technicians will guide you through the migration process, making the transition as seamless and hassle-free as possible. We can also provide on-going support and maintain your entire network through one of our popular IT support packages, if required.

Act now – ask Air-IT to help

If you’re still using Windows Server 2003, we strongly recommend that you start the migration process straight away to ensure your business continuity and any unnecessary disruption to operations.

So please contact us today or call 0115 880 0044 to speak to one of our technology experts who’ll be happy to advise on the best upgrade path and help plan your migration to new systems.