Maintenance of your ICT systems is often costly, and needs specialist in-house knowledge which can be a drain on finances. In order to address this, many businesses try outsourcing, only to find it comes with its own set of issues.

Air IT support service desk team

In this article we address some of the common issues companies’ encounter when outsourcing their ICT, and discuss how we have refined our operations to differ from the norm so that we focus on our people, staff and clients to deliver a better service.

Familiar scenarios?

Common issues companies come up against when using an outsourced IT support provider include:

IT support is impersonal and much is automated

  • When you call for support the issue is logged and you often just get infrequent emails. People don’t know you or understand the ICT issues you have.

They’re not familiar with how you work or your goals and culture

  • Growing businesses each have their own personalities, reflecting the management style of its leaders, but the IT support you receive doesn’t fit with the way you work.

They’re inflexible, like a tail that wags the dog

  • In cutting their costs, rigid processes become the IT support provider’s top priority. You’re just seen as a necessary inconvenience behind their revenue.

They have their own agenda when it comes to their recommendations

  • Sales targets from computer hardware and software vendors are every bit as real in ICT as any other industry. IT support providers find it very tempting to force a fit when it comes to solving your business problems.

You get talked down to because you’re not technical

  • Technical staff are usually assessed solely on “hitting the numbers.” It’s in their interests to get rid of you as quickly as possible. Disillusioned support technicians may behave in a cynical and condescending way.

Getting it right by putting people first

As an award-winning Managed ICT Service provider we’ve refined our operations to break the mould and put the focus back on our people, staff and clients – enabling local businesses to jump ahead with their ICT.

Air-IT Managing Director, Todd McQuilkin explains:

IT support providers have lost their way. But at Air-IT we’ve addressed the shortcomings that arise when a client’s interests aren’t the top priority. It benefits both ourselves and our clients, and reflects a longer term outlook. Putting people first is always the answer.

Air IT support team

Putting people first – Air-IT front line technicians

Three ways to great IT support

At Air-IT we always put people first and by following the points below make sure we consistently deliver great IT support.

1. Competent first line staff

  • Front line employees are the most important contact a support provider has with its clients. This is easily forgotten. Though costly, experienced people fix problems quicker and save the clients time and money. Cutting costs here is false economy.

2. Knowing the names of your technical team

  • There’s a lot of cheap talk about “virtual IT departments.” Most IT support providers won’t take the trouble to get to know your business, your systems, or your employees though. Getting named support contacts is exceptional.

3. Happy and fulfilled IT support professionals

  • Training, staff development and technical qualification are important to technicians and engineers with genuine enthusiasm. Recognition for achievement and customer service, rather than solely meeting targets, encourage the right behaviour. Lastly a mix of work and play helps. Happy, helpful technicians lead to happy clients. It’s that simple.

Lower cost and better service

Todd summarises:

By looking after people we have negligible churn in clients or experienced staff. It’s self-reinforcing too, leading to growth and success all round.

Stability means we can offer fixed costs for IT support, helping clients budget for their ICT with no nasty surprises.

Need help with your ICT

Air-IT are Nottingham’s number 1 Managed ICT Service provider and offer a range of award-winning services to SMEs and internal IT teams.

If you’re having trouble with your IT and communications, need IT support, want a little extra help internally or with a project, then please contact us today or call 0115 880 0044 to speak to an expert member of our team.