Air-IT is delighted to announce that we have launched a new cyber-security tool, which allows us to automatically detect, limit and block the spread of ransomware attacks such as Cryptolocker.

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Our new tool is a special ransomware blocker which has been made available as part of our Managed Security offering, and also benefits all clients with a monthly IT support package.

Initially introduced in September 2016, the tool aims to provide our clients with a much more stable and resilient defence against potential ransomware attacks, such as Cryptolocker.

It is now auto deployed to new customers as standard and can be customised to suit our client’s systems on an individual basis.

This is being delivered as part of our programme of continual service improvement to meet our clients ever changing needs, as the threat landscape continues to pose a significant risk to business operations.

What our ransomware tool does

When a piece of Malware is detected, seen here as a red ‘infection’ from the internet, the Cryptoblocker program immediately shuts down that server.  

That server is disconnected from the network, safeguarding any other company servers from further damage.

The file directory is also updated so that type of malware can be recognised in the future.

Sam Reed, Chief Technology Officer at Air-IT said:

Our cyber-security tool actively detects attempts to access your data and protects it from becoming encrypted. In addition, our remote monitoring technology instantly alerts our service desk team of the attempt.

This means we can reduce recovery time significantly, saving major disruption and cost for our clients, should they encounter an attack.

Cybercrime facts

A Government report published in May 2016 found that a quarter of all businesses and two thirds of large businesses had been affected by a cyber-attack or breach in the last year. Viruses, spyware and malware were cited as the most common type of attack.

Typically, it took those affected just under 2.5 days to recover, and large business nearly twice as long in 4.5 days. The average cost across all businesses was £3,480 and larger firms substantially more at £36,500 each time!

Ransomware explained

Ransomware is often spread through email attachments and infected websites which run malicious software, otherwise known as malware. This goes on to encrypt all the data and files located on your device and network.

To recover your systems, you’re pressured to make payment for a unique decryption key before your data is destroyed. Paying up doesn’t always work and the ransom can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds.

Unfortunately, these threats are always evolving and they’re not going to go away. They’re also becoming harder to spot, and nobody is immune. Businesses are commonly targeted and tricked into these scams via users.

Find out more about some of the most recent ransomware variations in our earlier articles:

What you need to do

Prevention is better than cure, and businesses need to safe guard their employees and systems from threats. We therefore recommend adopting a layered approach to IT security by combining several technologies to strengthen your defence. Reinforced by specialist cyber-security tools, like our ransomware blocker, offers even better protection.

At Air-IT, we only provide market-leading security solutions which are proven to be the most effective within our industry, making it harder for potential attacks to succeed.

Above all, it’s essential to have a reliable and tested backup in place. You should have an offsite copy of your backup too. When all else fails, this is the only guarantee of restoring your systems.

Cyber-security services from Air-IT

We offer a number of cyber-security, backup and continuity options for business and in-house ICT teams, so whatever your requirement we can ensure a suitable fit.

We work closely with you to identify your most critical systems and establish a robust plan, from audit, review, advice and design – to procurement, installation, configuration and ongoing monitoring and support.

Need help or more information?

To find out more about our cyber security systems, getting Cyber Essentials certified, or for help recovering from an attack, please contact us on 0115 880 044 and we will be more than happy to help.