Air-IT are extremely proud to have raised £270 for Comic Relief by taking part in Red Nose Day’s “Make your laugh matter” campaign, which was held on Friday 24th March.

Air-IT staff all in red for Red Nose Day

Well known charity Comic Relief hold their Red Nose Day event every two years. After first taking part as a company in 2015, staff were extremely keen to get on board to support this fantastic charity once again.

Air IT Support Red Nose Day logo

How Air-IT supported Comic relief

Staff from all departments took part in a number of activities, which included dressing down in red and wearing Red Nose Day merchandise. The iconic Red Noses were available at the office; with the company covering the initial cost and staff donations we managed to more than double the recommended £1.00 per nose.

Air-IT staff support Comic Relief Charity 2017

‘Making your laugh matter’ 

Tasty treats were made and bought by staff for our company bake sale, which was a fantastic success. We also joined in with the baking fun on social media with the Comic Relief Maltesers campaign which saw an additional £5.00 being donated for every photograph posted with the hashtag #bakeamillion up until 24th March.

Together, we raised a respectable £135 from these activities alone!

Air IT Support

Home made treats donated by staff for the bake sale

A further £73.00 was raised by running two of the official Red Nose Day sweepstake’s. For every entry, £1 was automatically donated to Comic Relief while the other £1.00 went into the sweepstake prize fund.

Service Desk Team Leader, Alex Nicol was winner of the first sweepstake, and was pleased to share some of his winnings with the charity. Projects Engineer, Ben Curtis won the second and kindly donated all of his £24 prize.

Air-IT Service Desk Leader, Alex Nichol win's Charity Sweepstake

Alex Nichol, Service desk team leader wins sweepstake

In total the team managed to raise an impressive £213 which Managing Director, James Healey generously raised to £270 with a further donation from the company.

Comic relief broke records on Friday evening with the largest amount of public donations on the night since the fundraising event began in 1985! The total amount raised by the close of Friday’s show was £71,308,475 with donations continuing to come in.

We’d like to say a very big thank you to everyone at Air-IT who took part in our Comic relief fundraising activities – from baking and making cakes to all who dressed down in red, or supported the day in any other way.

We’d also like to say a special thanks to Jordan Rourke, our Customer Services Apprentice, who took the lead in promoting and running our various activities in the run up to the big day.

Air-IT customer service support staff

Jordan Rourke, Customer Service Apprentice at Air-IT

We are extremely proud to have been part of another record breaking year and look forward to celebrating the next Red Nose Day in 2019.