2017 has seen a new beginning for Employee Recognition at Air-IT. We have built on our existing Staff Awards Scheme to strengthen our focus on Employee Engagement and to complement our Company Strategy.

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It is important to us that our Employee Recognition Programme echos our culture as well as encouraging peer-to-peer communication across the business.  We believe a company with happy, engaged and motivated staff is a successful one.


Introducing the ‘Great People Awards’

Our Great People Awards are a way to say thank-you to our team for peak performance on the job.  It is not an initiative about words, it’s about us recognising and rewarding everyday actions and results.

Each quarter, we will be celebrating the winner of the Outstanding Customer Service Award and Living Our Values Everyday (L.O.V.E.) Award.  Everybody in our team also has an opportunity to win Employee of the Year.

James Healey, Managing Director of Air-IT says:

We want nothing more than to have employees who feel valued and satisfied at work. By introducing a more structured and engaging recognition programme we hope to energise our team work and bring even greater Customer Satisfaction.

James Healey


Employee of the Year Award

Employee of the Year is at the pinnacle of our Great People Awards.  It is a challenge set to encourage exceptional Performance.

Employee of the year

It is about congratulating our champion; a team player who has exceeded their Performance Objectives, someone who has received excellent Customer Feedback and has fantastic Attendance Levels.


Outstanding Customer Service Award

This award is tailored toward external recognition of performance; a team member who has demonstrated Outstanding Customer Service.

Outstanding Customer service

Feedback is collected using a one-click survey which is sent automatically from our CRM on the completion of a service ticket. Each month we publish our Key Performance Indicators (KPI) online offering complete transparency about our service delivery. These results are also an important tool for the continual improvement of our services.



L.O.V.E. Award

This award acknowledges individuals who exhibit the right mindset and behaviours in the workplace.

L.O.V.E values award

A simple Kudos system spreads morale throughout the company at the click of a button.

We want to build a team that live our values everyday; one where people feel encouraged, supported and inspired by their peers.  Our leadership board shows us all very clearly who is excelling.


Let us know what you think

If you would like to share your views on any member of our team please contact Business Manager Amy Cotterill on 0115 880 0044 or by emailing greatpeople@air-it.co.uk.