We are thrilled to announce the first quarter winners of our Great People Awards. Our people do a fantastic job each day and it's only with their contribution that we can be named as the top MSP in the region.

Great People Awards: Recognising Performance

Encouraging staff to recognise the work of their fellow colleagues is proven to create a more positive work environment, improve morale, increase productivity and to strengthen the whole staff body as a unified team.

Since launching our new ‘Great People’ Employee Recognition scheme, and supporting Kudos system in January, we have seen an upturn in staff patting one another on the back for notable achievements in the workplace.

Identifying and recognising the great work our team do each day in their individual roles has become a big part of our company culture. We are working together to recognise what is working well, and find inspiration in others’ actions, so basically we can do more of it.

Whatever we want to change, success lies at the heart of it – it’s about having the right mindset.  Our ‘Great People’ Awards are helping cultivating success by noticing others and being proud of their achievements.

Last quarter (1st Jan. – 30th Mar. 2017) we shared in Matt and Alex’s success, applauding them for winning the Great People Outstanding Customer Service and L.O.V.E Awards respectively.

Outstanding Customer Service Award

Air-IT employee awards
Matt Coppin

Based on your feedback, Matthew Coppin (left) scooped our Outstanding Customer Service Award.

Matt works in our Service Delivery Team as a Field Engineer and has developed a positive rapport with many of our clients,  delivering consistent quality in his work.

This time Matt, it’s all about you –  well done.

L.O.V.E Award

Air-IT employee awards
Alex Nicol

Leading the team with the highest level of kudos, Alex Nicol (left) won our L.O.V.E Award.

Alex is a Service Delivery Team Leader and has demonstrated commendable team working, sharing his knowledge and relentlessly participating in our fundraising events.

With thanks, Alex indulged us all with donuts to celebrate his success.  Next time Alex, they’re are on us – congratulations.

Your Feedback…

…good or bad, is hugely important to us.  Keeping your voice alive within Air-IT gives us a valuable insight into your views and helps us to continually improve.  We would like to thank you all for your support.

Let us know what you think

If you would like to share your views on any member of our team please contact Business Manager Amy Cotterill on 0115 880 0044 or email greatpeople@air-it.co.uk.