Having launched version one of our bespoke ransomware tool last November we’re now enhancing the solution to detect, limit and block the spread of malware at end user level which we’re rolling out for every managed client during 2017.

CryptoBlocker Watchdog

With malware attacks, such as ransomware growing in number, it is more important than ever to protect your systems from threats.

To complement our existing solution for servers, Air-IT are deploying ‘CryptoBlocker Watchdog’ – a new and improved version of our specialist cyber security tool to tackle malware at end user level.

Currently at the beta testing stage, version two will be installed at each of our managed IT support and cyber security clients as standard by August 2017.

This is being rolled out as part of our commitment to ongoing service improvement, and to meet our clients ever changing needs as the threat landscape continually evolves, risking business continuity and compliance with upcoming changes to data protection regulations.

End User Protection

Employee education is key to reducing the risks of cyber-attack.

However, with an ever-changing threat landscape it is increasingly difficult to keep staff up to date with everything they need to know to prevent human vulnerabilities. This presents a challenging obstacle for many businesses.

Our new and improved tool will significantly bolster end users against ransomware, by including intelligent malware protection for every device we manage.

This means the solution will continue to protect the server, but will automatically detect and stop any malicious software from spreading to other users by isolating the affected device at the earliest point of entry.

This significantly improves business continuity, and minimises impact and disruption should any of our clients encounter any malware or ransomware attacks.

How CryptoBlocker Watchdog works

Installed remotely for all our managed support and cyber security customers, CryptoBlocker Watchdog offers the most comprehensive network solution, by protecting servers and end user devices from malware attacks.

CryptoBlocker Watchdog explained:

Please watch the clip below for a demonstration of how the tool responds to attack.

Step One

  • The affected PC is disconnected from the network preventing spread of infection and safeguarding any connected PC’s and servers.

Step Two

  • The tool automatically shuts down that PC

Step Three

  • A message is displayed directing the user to contact the Air-IT service desk for further instruction.

Furthermore, because of the way in which CrytpoBlocker Watchdog works, we will be better able to identify the cause of any attacks. This will help us to learn more from real user experiences and to better educate and train our clients in cyber security practices.

Cyber security services

At Air-IT, we partner with industry-leading experts in threat management, backup and business continuity. We can help you with training and planning and deliver comprehensive managed protection to give your company peace of mind.

If you would like to speak to us about your cyber security, please contact us on 0115 880 0044 and our team will be happy to help.