Air IT are delighted to introduce our new and improved Service Desk Superhero mascot, Technology Tom, who shares general computing tips and tricks to help boost your overall efficiency and productivity as well as promoting cyber awareness.

Tech Tom

At Air IT, we’re always looking for new ways to help our clients and their organisations get the most out of their use of technology.

Earlier this year, we took part in UK safer internet day, which was held on Tuesday 7th February.

Primarily aimed at organisations and users with the Education sector, the annual initiative supports positive use of technology in order to create a better safer internet.

To get our best practice messages across, our service desk superhero – Technology Tom – was created!

Due to his instant popularity, Tom soon became a regular star on our Twitter feed, allowing us to improve engagement by making a traditionally dry subject more enjoyable and accessible for people of all ages.


Becoming a Service Desk Superhero

Service Desk Superheroes have been a long-standing idea and theme for the Air IT Service Desk team, who have been known to adopt a comic book Superhero culture, including having their own hero alter ego’s (just for fun). An enduring and popular genre, we believe the theme is one which everyone can relate to and enjoy with a positive association.

During the move to our new headquarters in July we saw the perfect opportunity to develop and personalise the idea, by integrating the super theme with the concept of Technology Tom, to further align with our branding and identity.

Technology Tom - Service Desk Superhero

New look Tom is Super! 

Tech Tom Flying

Tech Tom at the new office


Tech Tom brought to life

Due to Tom’s growing popularity on social media, we decided to approach Karl Evans, who is known as one of the best puppet makers in the country to see if Tom could become a real mascot.

Delighted by the challenge, Karl created the perfect companion for our service desk team.

Tom with Creator Karl Evans

Tom with Creator Karl Evans

Since his recent arrival, Tom has been incredibly busy joining in events and staff activities, such as IT Service week and has quickly become a much-loved member of the team.

Tom is a hit in the office

Tom is a hit in the office


Official duties

On his first official outing, Tom attended the CEO Sleepout which was held at Notts County FC on Thursday 6th October.

Together with Air IT CEO Todd McQuilkin and Marketing Director Paul Judge, Tom proved popular with all the volunteers who slept rough at Meadow Lane to raise funds for local homelessness charities.

The CEO Sleepout

The CEO Sleepout raised in excess of £70,000

So far, the event has raised over £70K and Tom even made it on to the big screen when he was filmed by Notts TV.


Follow Technology Tom on Twitter

Ask Technology Tom

You can follow Technology Tom on our Twitter feed @AirITLtd and by searching #TechTom. If you would like to ask him any general IT questions, please make sure you include the hashtag and he will get back to you shortly.

If you happen to see Tom and our team out and about, please don’t hesitate to ask for a photo and don’t forget to tweet it to us. We’d love to hear from you!