The modern workplace is rapidly evolving, and organisations of all sizes and sectors are transforming the way they operate thanks to new technologies. Find out how your business could benefit from the latest digital tools with Microsoft 365.

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The way we work is changing. Business leaders face increasing employee expectations and needs, a growing digital skills gap, and worsening threats of cybersecurity every day. Enabling a modern workplace allows businesses to meet these evolving demands, and effectively support their workforce and add value to customers.

Microsoft 365’s Modern Workplace is designed to support and enable digital transformation by inspiring collaboration, a seamless working experience, and safeguarding your corporate data. Read on to discover the benefits it could have for your business.


It’s all about collaboration

It’s no secret that teamwork is the key to success. Microsoft 365 modern workplace offers organisations the power to bring employees together, enabling a culture of collaboration and boosting productivity within your workplace.

Your employees can access all the conversations, files and apps they need through Microsoft Teams. Teammates can simultaneously edit and leave comments on documents in real-time, enabling innovation and a more efficient way of working.

Meetings and instant group messaging functionalities make open conversation easy and, thanks to rich audio and visual capabilities, user experience is boosted. Channels can be restricted to specific users or groups for project work, and “to do lists” allow tasks to be allocated and tracked against members of your team.


Not just anywhere, but any device

Remote working is on the rise and, for those who spend a lot of time on the road, undisrupted access to data and resource is critical.

Microsoft 365 modern workplace allows your entire team to access everything they need to remain productive whilst out of the office. Whether using a PC, smartphone or tablet, your employees can continue working and communicating with colleagues seamlessly from anywhere, on any device.


Intelligent security

Almost a third of UK businesses were hit by a cyber attack or security breach in 2018* and, as the risks continue to rise, protecting your business has never been more important.

Microsoft Intune is the perfect tool to safeguard a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. An integrated endpoint management platform, Intune allows you to control employee access to corporate resources – offering streamlined deployment, policy management and security updates. You’ll be able to manage and deploy which data and applications on employees’ devices, without needing full access of their device and upholding their right to privacy.

You’ll have the ability to create comprehensive conditional access policies, which restrict access to data based on the user, location, device and real-time risk. Access can also be remotely wiped from any device, avoiding any employee leavers taking important and confidential data with them.

Other security capabilities include ensuring all devices have passwords that comply with specific complexity requirements.

All of this means you can rest assured your data’s in safe hands.


Ready to transform?

Flexible and highly scalable, Microsoft 365 is key to digitally transforming your workplace. With access to cutting edge tools and systems, you’ll benefit from increased productivity and an improved service offering.

As both a Microsoft Gold partner and a Cloud Solution Provider, we can support the whole of the Microsoft journey, whether you’re looking to migrate to Office 365 or for ongoing training and management.

If you’d like to find out more about Microsoft Modern Workplace and our Office 365 migration services, contact us today.


* Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019, Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport