It's easy to underestimate the importance of email signatures from both a marketing and legal perspective. It’s time to discover the value of centrally managing all email signature across your business, using our Exclaimer solution.


Exclaimer enables a business to be consistent in its digital communications by controlling the content and appearance of your individual staff emails. It eliminates manual intervention by preventing staff from either creating their own potentially off-brand signatures or making haphazard modifications to the email signature they were initially provided with.

Exclaimer offers a range of benefits that improve the experience of both the sender and receiver. The software is available as a cloud-based service for Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G Suite, and as an on-premise server-based application for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook.

Why are email signatures important?

So much of our communication is done through digital channels. The way your emails appear to their recipients is incredibly important, as they are an extension of your brand and reflect your reputation and image. This is not just true of the content of the email but of its presentation – your company email signature is an excellent opportunity to reinforce your brand identity.

Email signatures also serve a very important legal function in identifying the origin of your communication. This is required by law for registered limited companies in the UK, with EU countries and North America having similar laws.

All company email signatures or footers should include:

  • Your company name
  • Your company registration number
  • Your country of registration (e.g. Scotland or England & Wales)
  • Your registered office address

Many companies are unaware of users’ accounts failing to meet these legal requirements or adhere to the company’s brand. However, with Exclaimer, you can have complete control over this, with the ability to manage your email signatures centrally.

What can Exclaimer do for my business?

Exclaimer simplifies the design process and allows you to control all signatures from either a web browser or on-premise application. The smart and intuitive interface is designed for users of all technical abilities – so that various authorised staff can use it with ease.

The flexible signature editor within Exclaimer enables you to create your own signature or email sign-off. You can also work from a variety of different templated designs, from which you can create a professional looking email signature from scratch. It then allows you to test the email signature in all relevant email clients/platforms prior to making live.

Within the editor you can also add email signature elements like social media icons, promotional banners, legal disclaimers and more, so that your emails support your marketing and entire digital presence. You can even set up email signature marketing campaigns to run for a specific time period and track interaction with marketing elements, such as banners.

If you’ve got a large team, creating so many email signatures may sound like a very time-consuming process. Exclaimer allows you to add contact details directly from, for example, your Office 365 directory. This guarantees that every user has the correct information in their email signature whilst making the process more efficient.

Email signatures on all devices

How many emails do you receive in a professional capacity that say “Sent from iPhone” or have no footer at all? More importantly, how many emails do you and your team send like this?

With a centralised solution, the email signature attaches to every communication sent from a user account, regardless of the device used.

Exclaimer can provide every user in your company with consistent, professional email signatures on emails sent from any device, including mobile devices and Macs, and any mail client. This means that you can always maintain the same level of professionalism and legal compliance in your correspondence by preventing unauthorised signatures from individual users.

Choosing the right signature

If you have staff that work across multiple departments, Exclaimer will enable them to switch between pre-approved, departmental-specific signatures quickly, and easily. Another example would be where you provide services on behalf of a client, you can reflect their identity in your email footer. This helps prevent staff inadvertently confusing the receiver as to the professional position of the sender and nature of the email.

Built with the highest levels of security and control in place, the Exclaimer service has been awarded ISO 27001 Certification, which further reinforces the security and integrity of your email system.

How can Air IT help?

As experts in cyber security and compliance, we can advise you on the best Exclaimer product for your IT infrastructure and help you to configure it to maximise the return on investment. We can also provide advice on the legal elements of commercial correspondence, to ensure your email signatures are completely compliant.