Microsoft Teams and telephony are a match made in heaven. Teams offers so much more than video calling and instant messaging - here’s what it can really do for your business.

More than video with Teams business telephony

If your business has a subscription to Office 365, then you already have inclusive access to Microsoft Teams. But if you’re not using Microsoft Teams because you think it’s just a video calling tool, then you have lots to learn – it can transform your business telephony.

There’s a reason why enterprises such as Continental AG, Ernst & Young, Pfizer, SAP and Accenture are all moving to Microsoft Teams – and it’s not just because of video calling.

Comparing Teams to Microsoft’s former video and voice application, Skype or Skype for Business is like comparing a Nokia 6210 to a modern smartphone. It’s simply not true, and next time you think to yourself ‘how did we ever live without smartphones’, the same principle often applies to those who have switched from Skype to Microsoft Teams – and these are the main reasons why.


An all-in-one Unified Communications solution

Microsoft Teams offers so much more than video calling and live chat. From one to one and group meetings and messaging, to companywide announcements and updates, Teams can do it all. But that’s not everything. With Office 365 and Phone System integration, Teams is so powerful that it really is the only communication and collaboration tool your business will ever need.


Work from anywhere

You can take Teams anywhere on any device, as long as you have an internet connection so it’s perfect for remote working. From desktop to laptop, and tablet to smartphone, Teams provides ultimate flexibility and mobility for your business.

Teams Talk



There are so many great collaboration features in Microsoft Teams that we simply couldn’t list them all. But to give you an idea, here’s a few that we think are amongst the most useful.

With the ability to create and invite users to specific channels and groups, Teams is the perfect tool for managing projects and enabling teamwork. From sharing and editing files in real-time, or chatting through text, voice and video calls.

Other great features include integration with Outlook, so you can schedule and manage your Teams meetings at the click of a button, plus you can share screens or interact with the whiteboard, allowing participants to collaborate and develop new ideas live in meetings. And with the ability to record, you can share or refer back to previous meetings whenever you need to.


Microsoft Teams and telephony - Teams Talk allows for video calls and more


Office 365 integration

Microsoft Teams fully integrates to O365, allowing you and your teams to work simultaneously on the same programs and the same document at once. For example, multiple users can work from the same Word document, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations in real-time, and you can see what other contributors are doing as it happens – bringing a whole new level to collaboration, efficiency and teamwork.


O365 integration



As well as integration with Office 365, Microsoft Teams supports thousands of the world’s most popular business applications, including Asana, Trello, Survey Monkey, Azure, Dynamics, SharePoint, Creative Cloud, Sales Force, Zoom, ZenDesk, Mail Chimp and more!

From Analytics, to Business Intelligence and Development, through to Human Resource, Productivity, Sales and Support, Microsoft Teams connects all your data and brings it together in a single platform, streamlining processes and improving overall productivity within your business.


Teams compatible apps


Modernise your business telephony with Teams Talk

If you’re already using Microsoft Teams, you’ve probably used it to make and receive internal calls. But did you know that Teams could replace and transform your business telephone system too…?

Microsoft Teams and telephony is made possible with Teams Talk

Teams Talk from Air IT is an all-in-one unified communications solution that allows you to manage and route all your business calls via your Microsoft Teams application.

Underpinned by Air IT’s Hosted Voice solution, it provides all the features and functionality of a traditional fixed-line telephone system in a cloud-based environment. This means it is ideal for organisations that need a modern and flexible way to communicate and collaborate with their customers and colleagues – anywhere and at any time. Plus, with features including PCI compliant call-recording and reporting, it’s more flexible, feature-rich and cost-effective than the alternative option from Microsoft.

Download our free webinar below and learn the benefits of ‘Introducing Business Phone Systems for Microsoft Teams‘ with Teams Talk, hosted by Chief Technology Officer, Lee Johnson.

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Learn more about Microsoft Teams and Teams Talk

Make a fresh start and give your business the competitive edge by integrating Microsoft Teams and unifying your communications with Teams Talk today.

To find out more about how Teams Talk can improve your business communications, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.