Please find step-by-step instructions below for using your Air-IT support portal account.

If you have any problems accessing your Client Portal account or require more information, please call our Service Desk on +44 (0)115 880 0044 or email

Logging in to Your Air-IT Client Portal Account

  1. Navigate to the Air-IT Client Portal login page
  2. In the Email field, enter the email address associated with your Air-IT portal account
  3. In the Password field, enter your Air-IT portal account password
  4. Click Submit

Air-IT Client Portal Logon Page

Managing Tickets

Viewing Tickets

  1. After logging in to the Air-IT Client Portal, click the Tickets tab or the Manage Tickets button
  2. Your tickets are displayed in a list view in the Tickets area

Viewing Tickets

  1. In the Search By area, you can search your tickets by key word, ticket number, or contact
  2. You can also filter your tickets by open or closed status
  3. Click the title of a ticket to open it
  4. In the ticket popup window, you can Sign Off on the ticket, check its Status or Update it
  5. You can enter additional notes in the Discussion field
  6. Click Close (x) to exit the ticket popup window

Creating a New Ticket

  1. Click the Create Ticket button to create a new service ticket
  2. Select the type of service you need

Service Type

  1. Enter a title and description for the problem

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you fill out the Title and Description of the ticket in Step 2 and then select a Service Type in Step 1, the selection of the service type will overwrite anything you have written.


  1. Click the Attach Document link to attach a file to the ticket
  2. Review your contact details. Note that company administrators can assign tickets to a specified contact
  3. Click Submit

Managing Users

warning-iconIMPORTANT: This process is only available to company administrators


  1. After logging in to the Air-IT Client Portal, click the Account tab in the far right of the horizontal menu bar and select Users in the drop down menu

Manage Users

Note: The Account tab will only display if you are a Portal Admin! Likewise, the Users button will not work unless you are a Portal Admin!

  1. Click Users
  2. The list of users for your company is displayed

User List

  1. You can search and filter this list by using the controls in the Search By area.

Search By

  1. Click the name of the user to modify or disable them

Modify User

  1. Click the Disable User button to disable that user’s access to Air-IT Client Portal
  2. Click the same button again to re-enable the user
  3. Click Edit to edit the user’s information

Edit User

  1. Here you can update the user’s name, access level, email, Client Portal password, and phone numbers
  2. Click Save when finished.

important noteIMPORTANT: This process is only available to company administrators who have access to all users and all tickets in their company account.

Adding New Users

  1. Click the New User button

Add New User

  1. Fill out the new user’s information
  2. Click the Save and Close button