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What is Cloud Desktop ?

Cloud desktop offers you a remote Windows desktop, complete with the current applications, hosted securely on the Internet. It is fully managed for you, is scalable and comes with full remote support.

Windows 7 hosted desktop Air IT supportOur service offers you a Windows 7 / 8 theme desktop that overlays your existing desktop, together with MS Office 2013 Professional Plus and Exchange email. It’s a secure, familiar and consistent environment that can be delivered to a PC, Mac or tablet.

Some people are concerned by the use of the word “Cloud” – however, also known as “hosted”, Cloud offers full security, lower initial costs and predictable pricing, fuller mobility, and scalability.

Cloud Desktop Brochure

Features of our Cloud Desktop services

  • Windows 7 or 8 Desktop
  • MS Office Professional Plus (2013)
  • Latest Exchange email
  • Unlimited remote Service Desk support
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Shared storage
  • Files and data backed-up (daily and weekly)
  • Other applications hosted (99% of non-Microsoft applications work)
  • Enterprise level security (SSL encryption, anti-spam, anti-virus)
  • Secure storage in UK Data Centres ISO27001 and PCI DSS compliant
  • Advanced business continuity ensures backup and replication
  • Full scalability – increase user-subscriptions as you grow
  • Per-user per-month pricing – turn users on and off, month by month

Why Air-IT for Cloud Desktop?

Unlimited remote support

We’ve already mentioned our unlimited remote support. All our technicians are experienced, fully trained and certified experts. Even the people answering the phones in Support.

We aim to sort out issues you have while you’re there first time on the phone.

Migration service

We can move any data and applications that you may need to our Cloud desktop platform.

Expertise in everything you need

One change that you may need to address is around bandwidth to the Cloud. Uniquely amongst cloud service providers we have a sister company with years of expertise in broadband and connectivity.

We can ensure that you have enough capacity for everything to work before you go ahead. We can offer advice on options if not – we might even be able to save you money.

Transparent pricing

We will ensure you have all costs up front – there are no hidden extras or surprises.

Benefits of Cloud Desktop

There are numerous commercial and operational benefits of Cloud desktop.

Reduced costs

With support, upgrades, licensing, and monthly payments, you will save money simply from having everything covered under a single service package.

You will also save on the costs of having to provide all these features in-house.

No capital expenditure

The costs are spread across monthly payments, offering all the benefits but removing capital expenditure, since there’s no need to invest in on-site servers or software.

Your employees simply become more productive with a fully functional, up-to-date, secure desktop solution.

Expert support

We provide unlimited remote support with our in-house Service Desk for all Cloud Desktop users.

Our service desk is open 07:30 AM to 6:30 PM, Monday to Friday, with options for out-of-hours cover or weekends and bank holidays.

We also offer 24×7 system monitoring to get a head-start on an issues that may arise.


One of the key benefits of Cloud is that economies of scale allow us to provide extremely robust and resilient infrastructure without single-points-of-failure.

This means your Cloud desktops are highly available at a fraction of the cost of providing this sort of resilience needed with an on premise solution.

Freedom to manage your business

With all the concerns of managing computer desktops covered, all that time is given back to you so you can get on with operating the business.


These days the flexibility of working from different locations is essential if we’re to be competitive – whether at work, at home or even out visiting customers – because your desktop environment is in the Cloud, it’s accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

What next?

If you are interested in our Cloud Desktop services, would like further information or to speak further, please contact us today or call 0115 880 0044.

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