Making sense of it all

Before any decisions can be made, we have to understand your aims and business objectives. This helps us work out how you can benefit from Cloud.

Next, we will audit your existing ICT setup, so we understand any pitfalls or limitations. We’re then in a position to give you the best advice.


At this point we’re able to recommend ways that you’re best able to exploit Cloud technologies. We’ll explain how and why Cloud can help your business.

If you want to go ahead, we can put together a proposal by designing a solution that will work best for you.

We’re always transparent and honest with pricing, there will be no hidden costs or nasty surprises for you. This is one of the main differentiators between us and other providers.

Business-class connectivity

Cloud services are accessed across the Internet. So you need the right connectivity in place to ensure success and meet expectations.

As a managed IT and Communications proivder, we have the necessary expertise to ensure you have the right infrastructure to support your cloud solution, and can advise you from the outset if not.

There will be no hidden costs. In fact we often save clients money over their existing broadband fees. And you have the simplicity and assurance of your entire Cloud project being dealt with efficiently under one roof.

Setup or Migration

Unless you’re a start-up, it’s most likely that you’ll need some sort of migration of information and files before you move to the Cloud. You may need some sort of handover to ensure that it all works with your existing networks and ICT infrastructure.

Depending on how much is involved, we can simply perform the migration and setup, or offer a managed project service.

Partnership and support

Another differentiator with us is that we understand that our success is linked to your success. Therefore we see our clients as our partners. It’s in our interests to stay with you after your Cloud project is complete.

We also offer unlimited remote support through our dedicated Service Sesk. It’s open from 07:30 AM to 6:30 PM, with options for extended cover.

All our staff are fully trained and qualified and we strive to solve any issues you have while you’re there on the phone.

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