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Instead of running servers on hardware located on your premises there are alternatives where they’re hosted elsewhere – in a Data Centre, or “in the cloud”.

The options – (variously known as co-location (co-lo), hosted servers, IaaS, and Hybrid) principally concern differences around whether you own or provide the physical server hardware, whether the server operating systems are managed by you or someone else, and what sort of Data Centre you want to use.

Because of these options, and because of the nature of having systems “out there”, having Cloud servers is a very flexible option, offering security, flexibility, cost management, resilience, and performance benefits.

Performance may be an important option if, for example, you need to provide a service to the public – downloading or Web presence.

We can help you navigate through the options and provide a solution that is perfect for your requirements.

Why Air-IT for Cloud Servers

Migration services

We can move your data and servers to the Cloud, including any necessary project management.

Expertise in connectivity and broadband

One area that you may need to address is your company’s connectivity. It’s important to ensure that you have sufficient internet bandwidth to access the services that will be Cloud based.

Uniquely amongst Cloud service providers we have full and genuine expertise in broadband and communications.

We can ensure that you have enough capacity for everything to work before you go ahead. We can offer advice on your options – we’re usually able to save you money, too.

Server Management and monitoring

We can offer a fully managed service around your Cloud servers, including 24×7 monitoring to identify potential problems in the early stages. We can also provide request and change management.

Finally we can provide a patching service where updates are scheduled out-of-hours to reduce risks and disruption where restarts are needed.

Unlimited remote support

We offer unlimited remote support for your Cloud servers. All our technicians are experienced, fully trained and certified experts. If there are any issues, you should be back up to speed as soon as possible.

Key features of our Cloud Servers

Expert advice

  • We have the expertise and experience to guide you through the options, project manage any move or migration, and provide unlimited on-going support with out-of-hours cover if needed.


  • Servers can be “hardened” to lock down and limit access. Firewalling and monitoring can also be provided. Servers are patched for latest security hotfixes. Our Data Centres conform to ISO 27001 standards and are aligned with your own compliance with PCI-DSS.


  • All our Cloud server options are fully UK-based and servers are located solely here in the United Kingdom.

High performance

  • Any hardware provided is based on fast processors, SSDs and RAID hardware to offer maximum performance. Bandwidth is available up to 40Gbps.


  • We offer options for all combinations of hosting and Cloud server provision. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


  • Most aspects of server performance and capacity can be scaled up or down – the number of Cloud servers, bandwidth, options for redundancy, as well as server hardware components such as CPU performance, and RAM or storage capacity.

Virtualisation supported

  • We offer virtual machines (VMs) as well as server hardware platforms in the Cloud. This means you can transfer your Linux or Windows servers easily to the Cloud.


  • You can minimise the risk of downtime through a full range of options for hardware resilience (such as RAID storage) as well as High Availability through virtualisation and SAN.

Pay only for what you use

  • Another advantage of Cloud servers, born from the scalability of Cloud and the OpEx cost model (where you pay monthly for the service or hosting) is that you effectively only pay for what you use.


  • Lastly, having servers in the Cloud means that you can access them securely wherever you happen to be, as long as you have an Internet connection.

What next?

For more information on your Cloud server options, please contact us today or call 0115 880 0044 to speak to one of our Cloud experts.

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