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Why you need Cloud Storage

Business users want to access their work wherever and however it suits them. As a result, they use a wide range of online file sharing solutions and platforms. This puts your data security and confidentiality at risk.

You need your employees to have the flexibility to access their data wherever they’re working and on any device (whether these are their own or owned by you).

However, unless you provide a solution for them to store and share data you can no longer be sure your company information is safe and confidential.

Regardless of how large or small your business, our Cloud storage solutions will give you the flexibility you need, backed-up with confidence inspiring control, visibility and security.

Features of our Cloud Storage

Here are some of the features of our Cloud storage offering:

Collaboration and mobility

  • Employees can instantly share files with colleagues or sync them to the Cloud so they can access them anywhere, using computers or devices, but in a risk free and safe environment.

Ease of use

  • Our Cloud storage service integrates with a whole host of applications, such as Microsoft Office, and is easy to use so no training should be needed, so you’re up-and-running instantly.

Quick personal backup

  • If an employee just wants to ensure that they have a backup copy of a file before making changes, they can sync it to the Cloud with our online backup services, rather than having to save it to shared storage and wait for routine company backup processes. This makes it fast and easy to restore the files, because your staff can do it themselves whenever they need to.

Regain control

  • Your data is back under your control and no longer “out there” in the public domain. Our Cloud storage service includes logs of use, and the ability to take audits.

True security

  • Our Cloud storage contains full authentication, to keep unauthorised users out. The file sync connection is also fully encrypted. Our UK-based Data Centres are fully secure, compliant and ISO 27001 accredited

Why Air-IT for Cloud Storage?

With our experience and expertise in Cloud, traditional Managed IT Services and communications you know that you’re in safe hands.

More than a quick fix

We see our clients as partners, and our integrity is critical to a long-term working relationship. We know that your success leads directly our success.

For this reason we strive to give the best advice we can, to ensure we provide transparent pricing (no hidden charges or costs), and to treat ongoing quality of service as our priority.

Expert ongoing support

We offer expert remote (and onsite) support. We offer unlimited Service Desk access via telephone, email or our online portal, 7:30 am to 6:30 pm, Monday to Friday, and our front line staff are all trained and technically certified.

We can also provide cover out-of-hours if that’s what you need.

What next?

To find out more about our Cloud storage services, or any other of our Cloud, managed IT and support services, please contact us today or call 0115 880 0044 to speak to a Cloud specialist.

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