We’re not trying to hide anything

If you look at some ICT Providers’ web sites you’ll get the impression that they own premises all over the world and that they own half the Internet.

Honesty is a key part of our culture. While we do provide Managed Services that are built on Data Centre technologies, we won’t try to pull the wool over your eyes. There’s no claim to own something we don’t. But there’s also no distraction for us where specialists can do it far better.

We work very closely with three genuine Data Centre providers who’ve invested the millions necessary in their infrastructures, and they do nothing else. We focus on the service and the solutions that go in these Data Centres.

Importantly this approach keeps the costs down for you. We prefer to invest in ways that help us serve you better.

Data Centre - Air IT support

Air IT and Data Centres

By partnering with genuine specialists we bring you the best service and the best infrastructure. There’s no compromise.

That’s not to say that Data Centre technologies aren’t important.


Data Centres – what we offer

Here’s what we offer with our Data Centre partners:

  • Reliability

We offer solutions running on infrastructure that is available close to 100% of the time. Any weakness is probably in your broadband or systems. We can help with that too, though.

  • Performance

Data Centres are fast, with duplicated connections. Bottlenecks are usually at your end.

  • Continuity and recovery

We can replicate your IT. This might involve backups to remote locations and “virtualisation” technologies that can switch over if something fails. You can do a lot to bullet-proof your organisation in terms of ICT Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity.

  • SLAs

Data Centre SLAs are typically 100% 24/7/365 subject to the usual Force Majeure exclusions, but they’re good at handling those situations as well.

  • High Availability

With multiple locations and high-speed links, there’re plenty of options for your systems to be always-on, scope to scale-up, and for your Data Centre to be nearby (e.g. Derby, or Nottingham) for convenient access.

  • Security

When your systems are “out there” (in the Cloud), security is critical. All our partners are ISO 27001 accredited. They work with organisations, like Cisco, who develop security standards for the Internet. Again, all genuine specialists. You don’t have to worry about information being anywhere other than your offices because the Data Centre is probably much more secure. You can restrict it to the UK too.

  • 24 hour accessibility

Data Centres are manned by technicians and security staff, and access is available to authorised people 24 hours a day.

  • Flexibility

Systems in Data Centres are effectively always on. They’re also securely accessible from almost anywhere. There’s no bottleneck caused by slow connections from the Internet into systems on your premises. Great if your staff are mobile. Also a bonus when it comes to office moves.


Our Data Centre Services

Many of our services use Data Centre technologies, simply because that is the most efficient way to provide our services.

Below are some services that relate directly to Data Centres:

  • Cloud generally means technology that is “out there” somewhere, instead of on your premises. We can advise on what is possible, and why you might want to do it. We can also help migrate information or systems to the Cloud, and assist with online backup solutions.
Hosted services
  • Things that once required an expensive “server” can now be hosted – email, file sharing, applications (e.g. Office), and Remote Desktop. Benefits can include better remote access and improved cash-flow by spreading payments, rather than a single capital investment.
High availability solutions
  • We can advise and guide you with high availability solutions where you cannot afford to have your systems down.
  • We can provide Data Centre rack-space for your own systems at competitive rates, in geographically convenient locations in the UK, with 24 hour access, and with room for expansion.


What next?

For more information about any of our Data Centre services and solutions or for advice, please contact us today or call 0115 880 0044 to speak to one of our technology experts.

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