Air IT will review your existing business communications setup for free, to find out if it’s cost-effective and meeting your needs.

You could be surprised at how moving to Air IT could save you money and simplify your business communications.

We’ll look at any requirements needed, including:

How you’ll benefit

There are lots of good reasons why you should ask Air IT to analyse your business communications. These include:

Cutting out waste

We’ll help you streamline services and reduce costs, so you only pay for the services you need and use.

Reducing cost

On average, we save our clients up to 35% on phone calls and line rental alone.

Improving efficiency and future proofing your business

If your existing services aren’t meeting your needs, you may need to upgrade. We can help you choose and implement telephony and connectivity solutions to suit your needs, to boost productivity and efficiency – even whilst on the move.

Our 5-step audit process

1. Assessing your current set up

First, we’ll discuss your current business communication services to see how well you feel they’re working, and which areas you’d like to change or improve.

2. Assessing your current set up

Next, one of our experienced technicians will visit your premises to assess your physical setup. We’ll also analyse your phone and internet usage and current spend.

3. Analysis

Following step 2, we’ll identify any services you don’t need and recommend improvements to make your communications ore effective and efficient. We’ll also look at where you can save money by transferring existing services to Air IT.

4. Recommendations and proposals

Our recommendations will be presented to you in a written proposal, complete with a price comparison to your current systems and a breakdown of costs for any new solutions.

5. Follow up

Finally, we’ll contact you to discuss the proposal in more detail and decide which of our recommendations you’d like to take forward.

Once agreed, we’ll give you firm costs and timescales for transferring your existing services and installing new ones.

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