Teams Talk is an all-in-one unified communications solution which integrates advanced telephony capabilities into Microsoft Teams.

Teams Talk offers the ultimate flexibility and mobility, by enabling your business to make and receive external calls via the Microsoft Teams environment, from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Teams Talk

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Teams Talk allows you to manage and route all your business calls through your Microsoft Teams application.

The technology behind the Microsoft teams phone system is underpinned by Air IT’s Hosted Voice solution, which uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) channels to digitally connect calls to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Teams Talk further expands your business telephony and capabilities of Microsoft Teams with additional features and functions, that also include PCI compliant call-recording and reporting.

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Telephony challenges with remote working


The pandemic highlighted a significant unreadiness for modern working within many organisations – however, unquestionably it has been the most significant catalyst for digital transformation in recent history.

When operational requirements needed to continue beyond the office, businesses quickly turned to cost-effective solutions such as Microsoft Teams, which comes included in Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription.

Top 10 new ms teams features

The reason why so many businesses turned to Teams is because it effectively provides a virtual office environment, ideal for remote working, and perfect for team collaboration and communication in a single workspace.

However, whilst Microsoft Teams was ideal for internal operations, many overlooked the importance of external communications and those with legacy, on-premise phone systems quickly realised the limitations of traditional telephony systems, and their ability to connect calls outside of their organisation. To avoid a repeat of this, businesses must modernise their telephony with a flexible solution such as Air IT’s Hosted Voice and Teams Talk.

Traditional ISDN telephony is being retired imminently

With changes to the UK’s telephony infrastructure coming into force soon, Teams Talk will provide businesses with the necessary tools to modernise their business telephony before BT, the UK National telecoms provider retires and turns off ISDN/analogue phone line connections in December 2025!

Because Teams Talk integrates with Teams using direct routing and licensing to connect calls, you can guarantee your business telephony will continue to operate effectively with PSTN now, so you don’t have to worry about it in the future.

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Teams Talk Benefits

  • Pair with Air IT Hosted Voice – combine Teams Talk with VoIP for full flexibility and a feature-rich hybrid telephony solution
  • Get more for less – Teams Talk is more flexible, feature rich and competitive than a Microsoft Calling Plan
  • PCI compliant call recording – with optional call recording and reporting, Teams Talk can support all your compliance needs
  • Reduced operating costs – with free internal calls, cost effective call plans and no need for any onsite infrastructure, Teams Talk can help you save money in more ways than one
  • Simple to set up – we can help deploy Teams Talk quickly and efficiently, without needing to attend or visit site
  • Future proof your business –modernise your workforce and prepare your business for the retirement of ISDN fixed line telephony in 2025

Why choose Air IT and Microsoft Teams phone system?

IT & Comms - Air IT support

Experts in IT, Telephony & Comms

With IT and communications all converging and sharing technologies, it makes sense to align with a partner that understands the entire field and has experience in delivering on both fronts.

Microsoft gold partner - Air IT support

Microsoft Gold Partner

We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner, which puts us in the top 1% of Microsoft Partners worldwide, so you can be sure you’re in the safest hands.

Get more for your money

We can help you save money and get more advanced features than a Microsoft Calling Plan, so it really is a win, win!

phone support

Ready, Prepared and got you covered

Think of our team as your team of trusted experts who are there for you every step of the way! From licensing and implementation, to connectivity and ongoing support – we will even port your numbers to ensure the smoothest transition and provide additional consultation to support your telephony transformation.

Simplify your operations

By choosing Teams Talk with Hosted Voice as your telephony solution, you can consolidate the number of suppliers you need to work with. This will simplify your operations because you will only need one unified solution for all your business communication and collaboration requirements.

IT Consultancy

A modern telephony service for your team

We’ll get to know your business’s specific telephony requirements, so we can understand how best to integrate a modern phone system communications strategy that meets your goals.

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Alternative hybrid integration with Air IT Hosted Voice technology

Hosted Voice offers so much more than a traditional phone system. It enables you to achieve an agile workforce and the ability to keep everything connected and protected in one place.

A steppingstone between a traditional analogue phone system and a modern digital phone system, Air IT’s Microsoft Teams phone system with Hosted Voice allows you to blend physical handsets and Teams only users, so employees can access calls anywhere, anytime – in the office or on the go.

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Equipment to get connected

Teams Talk phone equipment

When you integrate Teams Talk with Microsoft Teams, all your users will physically need is a headset to make and receive calls.

However, we understand some businesses may still prefer to use traditional handsets which will need to be compatible with your new setup.


We can offer suitable handsets which pair with Air IT Hosted Voice. You can choose from a wide range of Teams compatible handsets, to extend the experience of Microsoft Teams to your desktop and shared devices seamlessly.

Teams Talk phone handsets

Teams Talk Teams Room video call

Teams Room Systems

Transform meeting spaces and create an immersive Microsoft Teams experience that enables your team to meet, connect and collaborate with internal and external users. Meeting attendees can speak comfortably by moving the wireless microphone around the conference table with video calling supported.

What our customers say

Bond Adams Solicitors Office

Not only have Air IT exceeded our expectations in service delivery and support, they have also provided our team with essential collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams. As well as allowing us to work remotely, this has enabled us to grow our team and expand our client base virtually which has been remarkable.


Rafique Patel
Senior Partner, Bond Adams Solicitors LLP

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