With a key focus on customer service we have a clear Mission, future focused Vision, firm Values and a strong sense of Culture that underpins everything we do.

Air IT Support Vision IconOur Mission

To be the leading ICT provider in the East Midlands, delivering world-class service and technical innovation.


Air IT Support Mission Statement IconOur Vision

Air-IT will be the first choice solution partner in the technology sector providing IT and Communication services to businesses throughout the region.

We will become an integral part of our client’s success, collaborating with them to achieve their strategic objectives whilst creating long lasting business value through the delivery and management of their technology.

Our team of talented, experienced and motivated industry specialists will be recognised as the best in their field. Our continued success will be driven by our people who will share in it.


Our Company Values

Air IT Support Innovation ValueInnovation

Think outside the box, challenge constructively and act before others do.

Realise the opportunity.

Air IT Support Commitment ValueCommitment

Be accountable, work together as a team and communicate clearly.

Achieve results.

Air IT Support Community ValueCommunity

Creating a positive place to work, leading by example, giving back and supporting ethical initiatives.

                 Responsible leadership.

Air IT Support Excellence ValueExcellence

Always deliver exceptional quality, accomplish and improve.

Inspire the best.

Our Culture

It’s all about the people

Here at Air-IT we understand that people are our most important asset. A lot of operations in IT are automated these days, but with widespread automation comes the risk of inflexibility and failure to understand people’s needs and goals. One of our key differentiators is our people.

Air-IT is like a family. There’s no office politics behind the scenes, and no nonsense, but this also comes from working hard to find the right people in the first place.

If you look around here, there are a lot of smiling faces. Being at work should be enjoyable and rewarding, and, at Air-IT, it is. The result is more than just individual happiness though. It reflects in people’s behaviour and effort, and more importantly, positive attitude to our clients.


Embedded in our company culture is a sense of fun. From group events such as nights out and sporting activities, down to a bit of friendly competition within the team at work – for example who has the best fix for a technical problem. This runs right through the company.

As a result, we’re all supportive of each other: ready to help when needed.

The company is growing and people tend to stay as employees. We’re very proud that we’ve got exceptionally low staff turnover.


Along with the fun there’s also hard work. We expect people to show an ability and a willingness to learn and be adaptable. We provide the opportunity for people to demonstrate their knowledge through training and accreditation, and we have a great programme for staff development.

There are opportunities to be involved for all in a variety of areas across the company. We actively encourage staff to think outside the box and offer up any ideas they may have for consideration. It’s a challenging and rewarding environment to be in, with plenty of the thrills and spills of an entrepreneurial spirit, but one in which it is safe to stretch and to grow.

And it’s fair to say that we’re all passionate about what we do, and about our company and our clients. We are all prepared to go that extra mile when needed.

Want to join our team?

Do you have the determination and enthusiasm to be a good fit with the team at Air-IT? We’re always looking for talented people to join us, learn more about our career opportunities.

Careers at Air-IT

What Next?

To find out more about Air-IT and how we can help you get ahead with your ICT, please contact us today or call 0115 880 0044 to speak to one of our technology experts.