As network security threats grow more advanced by the day, protecting your company’s systems and data becomes more challenging.

At Air Sec, we recognise the need to provide 360° cyber security protection to defend you from both internal and external threats.

Whether you need essential cover for basic security needs, to more advanced remediation and cover for highly sensitive data and strict IT compliance, we provide a comprehensive range of packages to suit all needs. Alternatively, we can also help you to achieve cyber essentials accreditation.

Internal threats pose the greatest risk

Many businesses only focus on protecting themselves against external threats. Most overlook the biggest threat of all, internal risks.

Unfortunately, threats from inside company networks occur far more than people think through unintentional and unauthorised employee access to computers, data, and programs. Therefore, it’s critical that businesses take this threat seriously.

Our managed cyber security service goes way beyond standard technologies to make sure your internal security remains intact and hardened.

Our Packages

Security Essentials

Our base line package suitable for smaller businesses. This covers the essential elements needed for basic internal network security to enforce IT policies with 24×7 monitoring and alerts, internal vulnerability scanning, threat detection and remediation.


Security Enhanced

A more comprehensive package that offers complete internal network protection for more enhanced security cover with internal and external vulnerability scanning and immediate remediation of high severity issues and threats.

Security Elite

Our premium package offering the highest level of security protection with CDE monitoring, wired and wireless network monitoring and immediate remediation of medium level vulnerabilities and threats.

Ideal for companies that deal with highly sensitive data and have strict IT compliance requirements such as Healthcare, Financial Services, E commerce, Retail and where financial transactions pass through your company network.

Here’s how we can help

Managed Cyber Security

Security as a Service (SaaS)

We work with our clients to ensure they have best of breed security technology in place – that’s fully managed and running smoothly to uncover security threats occurring right across your network.

Network solutions - Air IT support

Full network coverage

We use non-invasive scanning technology with pattern recognition and mathematical modelling to dig deep into your network, and everything that’s connected to it, whether physical or virtual.

Cyber Security

Protecting you on all fronts

We’ll monitor and review your network security daily, making sure you’ve always got 360° protection from internal and external threats.

Air IT support

Remediating threats & vulnerabilities

We’ll detect and investigate any incidents straight away if it’s an immediate threat, or report back to you with actionable intelligence before making a remediation plan.

24x7 network monitoring

Our industry-leading security appliance monitors your network 24×7. It intelligently identifies anomalous user behaviour, unusual or suspicious activity, configuration changes, and threats caused by internal and external vulnerabilities.

ISO, ITIL, SDI Aligned

Safeguarding your internal security & compliance

We’ll ensure your security and compliance requirements aren’t compromised and guard against any risky events that happen inside your network.

Over 70% of all data breaches in SMEs are due to internal vulnerabilities

*such as failure to follow policies and procedures, inadequate access rights, carelessness, lack of expertise and keeping up to speed with latest threats.

We’re committed to information security

We’ve gone to the greatest lengths to achieve the highest standards of information security accreditation and affiliation with key industry bodies.

Ready to get started?

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