Why a layered approach to your Cyber Security?

While no defence strategy is impenetrable, taking a layered approach to your cyber security is the key to maximising your protection level. By identifying risks and implementing appropriate protection on each attack vector, including network perimeter, endpoints, email and web filtering, patch management, firewalls, and more, we’ll protect your business against threats.

We build on this with 24/7 network monitoring via our service desk and bespoke tools to mitigate risks, such as our ransomware blocker tool which proactively detects and limits the spread of potential infections.

A good cyber defence strategy needs to dedicate time and resources to improving employee education. Most malware still requires a human action to help it infect your network. Therefore, increasing the cyber awareness of your staff can significantly mitigate your risk of suffering an attack.

Finally, an effective backup and disaster recovery strategy is crucial to minimising business disruption. No security setup is guaranteed to prevent a breach, so it’s key that you can get back online and operational quickly if the worst were to happen.