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When it comes to safeguarding your business against the risks of attack, reviewing your existing setup is the first step.

Unfortunately, no business is guaranteed immunity to cyber attacks. Cybercriminals often take advantage of vulnerabilities such as unpatched systems and software to evade corporate defences. Zero-day threats pose a much greater risk as hackers attempt to find new vulnerabilities to exploit. This means frequent assessments and penetration testing is essential for any business that wants to stay ahead of the curve.

Air IT’s penetration testing and cyber security assessment services have been developed by our most advanced cyber security specialists, who will expose even the tiniest gaps in your security, so they can be corrected before they are exploited.

Our expert testers can simulate the same tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by cybercriminals in the real-world, in a safe and controlled manner which ensures no damage to your systems. This includes testing across your devices, servers, hosts and network services.

What is Pen Testing?

A penetration test or pentest is carried out to proactively identify weaknesses or flaws in IT systems that could be exploited and used to attack you.


Unlike vulnerability scans that only use automated tools to find potential flaws, penetration testing involves a certified cyber security professional replicating the many different tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that are used every day by real cybercriminals. This means that a penetration test must be carried out by a trusted expert who can act and think in the same way as a real-life hacker.

With Air IT’s penetration testing services, we’ll help you proactively find and exploit your security weaknesses, so you can manage risk and improve your security posture – keeping attackers and intruders away.

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Pen testing services are vital for a strong cyber security strategy

As cyber threats evolve and continue to grow in number, regular pen testing is a key component of any business’s cyber security strategy.

Is regular pen testing a legal security requirement? Organsisations that need to comply with standards such as PCI DSS and ISO 27001 must carry out pentests at least once a year. However, we recommend testing as often as possible so you can minimise risk from newly discovered vulnerabilities and exploits.

Security Penetration Testing Services

Our penetration testing team are highly-skilled professionals, who are experienced and fully certified by accreditation bodies such as OSCP, CREST and EC-Council. And because we have our own dedicated cyber security division, Air Sec, we’re impartial enough that we can manage and test all aspects of your IT environment.


What is involved in penetration testing?

Using the most up-to-date threat intelligence sources and ethical hacking techniques, our penetration testing team will attempt various ways to gain access to your systems – so we can identify any vulnerabilities that could enable cybercriminals to compromise your business. Once the test is complete, we can help you prioritise and remediate risk from highest to lowest severity, strengthening your overall security and keeping you one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Infrastructure & Network Penetration Tests

Our Infrastructure and Network Penetration Testing services provide a detailed assessment of your IT environment and its susceptibility to attack. Our expert team will leverage exploits both in and outside your organisation, so we can demonstrate how a hacker might gain access and control of your network.

Our penetration testing services use two methods covering your external and internal network security.

External penetration testing

An external pen test aims to replicate the tactics a hacker would use to attempt to access your network by exploiting security issues and weaknesses in any corporate systems, services and applications connected to the public Internet.

We will assess and thoroughly test all your connected assets including firewalls, web applications, company websites, as well as email and domain name servers. As part of an external pen test, our role is to identify any concerns that could lead to a breach of your external network perimeter.


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Internal pentest

Internal penetration testing

Our internal pen test aims to determine exactly what damage an inside attacker could accomplish with access to your network. For instance, this could be where your external defences have been breached by a hacker or misused by an employee gone rogue. For instance, it could be in the case of a phishing attack, where credentials were stolen from an employee.

We’ll imitate the actions and objectives of malicious insiders in order to identify risk and protect your business from illegal activity such as data theft and operational disruption.


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Blind pentest

Blind testing

Blind or black box testing is a penetration testing method where our pen tester has very little information on your organisation before actually carrying out the test. Using this methodology means that we can provide you with a lifelike example of how an actual cyber attack could take place.


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Double-blind testing

With double-blind penetration testing both the pentester and your internal team are kept completely in the dark, so it’s closest you can get to a real world attack scenario. This type of pen testing is useful for organisations that want to test the effectiveness of an in-house SOC, so they can test their ability to detect and respond to attack.


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Other methods of penetration testing

IT cyber pentesting methods

Wireless Pentesting

Wireless networks provide great flexibility for employees, but they can also create the risk of allowing cybercriminals to enter your systems without permission if they are managed ineffectively.

Our team will assess your wireless infrastructure including company and guest Wi-Fi networks to detect any exploitable vulnerabilities such as unsecured encryption protocols, misconfigurations, weak access controls and more. This will enable you to uphold the integrity of your wireless infrastructure and protect your company from would-be attackers.

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Web Application Penetration Testing

Websites and web services are often targeted by cybercriminals due to the vast amount of sensitive information that passes through them e.g. personal and financial data. With many businesses lacking the skill to develop and maintain the security of these applications themselves, this can pose a number of risks including data being intercepted or accessed by hackers.

With our web application penetration tests, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment including APIs and any custom or third-party integrations. With our services being fully aligned to OWASP’s top ten security risks, we’ll discover and address any weaknesses that could leave your company vulnerable to attack.

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social media cyber security pentesting

Social Engineering

Your employees are the first line of defense against a wide range of threats, therefore they must be vigilant to protect themselves and your business from social engineering attacks. This is where hackers try to trick users into divulging sensitive information such as credentials and bank details or by clicking dangerous links and opening malicious attachments. These techniques are also known as phishing attacks.

Our experts will test your team by launching customisable phishing (email) and vishing (voice) campaigns, to assess your employee’s awareness and susceptibility to attack through bogus or fraudulent emails and phone calls. We will track performance and share our findings with you, identifying any areas of any individuals that need further support, such as employee awareness training.

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Why choose Air IT for pentesting?

IT and Cyber Security Experts

With full expertise in IT and cyber security, we’ll safely exploit your security vulnerabilities in a controlled environment and minimise disruption to operations.

Qualified Cyber Security Experts

Qualified cyber security experts

All our penetration testers are professionally trained experts and are accredited Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP) who work in accordance with industry best practices.

Remediating cyber threats and vulnerabilities

We will identify any risk or cyber security threats and help address weak points to combat and improve your security posture.

Trusted cyber security partner

We adhere to proven and ethical penetration testing standards and provide your businesses with a full report of vulnerabilities with recommended steps to resolve them. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our penetration testing costs and services.

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