How our Modern Workplace Assessment can help

Our Modern Workplace Assessment is designed to assess what stage your organisation’s digital transformation is currently at.

We will provide a free no-obligation report, identifying key areas for review or improvement and specifically tailored to your business.

We can help transform your business with digital technology by:

1. Understand your existing setup

Establishing your existing setup specifications and infrastructure allows us to identify and consult you on areas for improvement.

2. Cyber Security

Find loopholes and weaknesses in your infrastructure – ensure that the latest anti-virus and threat management tools and updates are running, and identify existing dark web threats to your business.

3. Get the best from your systems

Use an IT audit as the basis for moving forward and improving the efficacy and performance of your systems.

Modern Workplace Assessment process

Modern Workplace Assessment

1. Review meeting

A member of our Digital Transformation team will discuss your business needs to get an overview of your setup. We will offer you a free no-obligation report to help us establish an effective IT strategy that supports your long-term goals.

During the meeting, our Digital Transformation experts will ensure that they fully understand your business’s IT infrastructure, and you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire. As part of this process, we will confirm a follow-up appointment to discuss your report findings.

In addition to this, we’ll make you aware of our cyber security services and offer you a free dark web scan to see whether your organisation has any compromised credentials for sale on the dark web.

2. Assessment

Once confirmed, you will receive an email invitation to take part in our Digital Transformation questionnaire which you will need complete. Upon receipt of your completed questionnaire, our Digital Transformation experts will review your results and carry out an initial analysis of your IT systems, as well as benchmarking your IT infrastructure against the current industry best practice.

3. Presentation of reports and findings

During our follow up consultation meeting, we will report back to you with our findings, outlining the current position of your IT systems and identifying any shortfalls, risks or threats, with recommendations for possible improvements.

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