Passion and expertise

  • Our passion comes from working with you, whether your expertise is commercial strategy, operations or technical management – whether you’re a new business, a growing SMB or an established mid-size enterprise.

Strategically aligning with your goals

  • Unlike most providers we don’t regard your projects as pure technical problem-solving – it’s more than fixing something that’s broken. Your investment in ICT should be positive, forward-looking, and strategic – it should enable development and efficiency in your organisation – so keeping an eye firmly on your goals is a key driver in our working methods, and critical to project success.

Unique coverage of technical solutions

  • Air-IT can uniquely cover projects for telecoms and IT solutions so we’re a true direct provider of ICT, meaning a single point of call, breadth of expertise, true integration – of your telephony, communications and IT infrastructure – and the ability to pass the benefits of costings and experience straight to you.

Close connections with manufacturers and developers

  • We identify new and industry-leading solutions. Once we’re satisfied and we’ve proven them to work, we partner up with the manufacturers and developers. These close relationships help ensure that issues can be dealt with quickly, and ensures that potential problems are kept to a minimum. It also ensures our IT support packages have unique value.

Accredited Technical knowledge

  • We’re also committed to training, and have all the relevant accreditations and certified technical staff. We also apply tough criteria when recruiting new members of the technical team, and look for genuine passion.