What we cover

Here at Air-IT we offer a full portfolio of Managed Hosting services including:

  • Cloud
  • Co-location (or “colo”)
  • Data Centre
  • Hybrid
  • Hardware hosting
  • Hosted virtual machines and servers (VMs)
  • Telephony options (such as SIP)
  • Remote storage, remote applications, remote desktops
  • Other hosted applications e.g. email and mailboxes, backup, web sites, threat management, & security

What makes us different is the help we provide – advice, planning and design of your solution, installation or migration, project management, and ongoing IT support. We can tailor the service to match your needs.

We also cover those important details, like domain name management, that are part and parcel of managing hosted services.

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What is “Hosting”?

A wide range of technologies fall under the umbrella term of “hosting”. What they all have in common is that some part of your IT infrastructure is placed in a remote geographical location, accessible via the Internet.

At first this can sound like a risky or bad idea – you may not be in full control, and you may be more dependent on having fast access to the Internet. But there are all sorts of benefits, like options for costing models, better security, remote access, scalability, and performance.

There is a lot of hype around the word “Cloud”, and it doesn’t really mean anything more than “hosted.” It’s generally used to describe hosted applications or software.

“Co-location” is generally used to cover hosted hardware or virtual computers, but also hosted web sites that are running on them. You can often find these services under “Data Centre” as well.

“Hybrid” is a combination of traditional onsite infrastructure with some hosting, the idea is you get the best of both worlds.

Why use Hosted services?

Reliability & availability

Risks of failure are minimised, and availability maximised:

  • 24 x 7 Monitoring means issues are handled as they develop
  • There’s no single point of failure since connectivity, power and cooling seamlessly fail-over to standby systems, with SLAs offering up to 100% availability
  • Offsite backups give you real business continuity options
  • Access to hosted services is usually uncapped, meaning that customers and other users enjoy a better experience when accessing your hosted web site, for example

Reduced costs & flexible pricing options

  • Data Centres offer economies of scale – the facilities mean that you can enjoy the sort of continuity, reliability and scalability options that would otherwise only be achievable for huge enterprises and multi-nationals.
  • We’re also pleased to say that we’re up-front about our pricing and there are no hidden costs.
  • Very often the pricing can be based on repeat billing rather than one-off capital expenditure so you can plan and budget more flexibly. Lastly, you can scale up and down and pay only for what you’re using.

Agility & flexibility

  • We just mentioned how scalable hosted services are. This applies to licensing of Cloud applications too. And we’re happy to bespoke a solution to meet your requirements.
  • What’s more, we can help you get the best from all the options you have by designing a Hybrid solution, based around performance and budget.


  • Security is fully covered– firewalling and access to benefits from the economies of scale, with the sort of expertise required by NASA and the military, but at a price that is affordable to non-experts and small businesses.
  • One common concern is around where your information and systems will be placed geographically. In some instances there are commercial or legislative requirements for hosting to take place onshore. All our Data Centres are in the UK, so there are no issues.

Fully managed with Support

  • As well as initial steps, from advice and implementation, we can offer ongoing management and support, including 24x7x365 monitoring, friendly email/telephone support, including ongoing configuration, to people of all levels of technical knowledge.
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Who will benefit from Managed Hosting?

Any sized business

  • Our clients range from entrepreneurial start-ups up to large enterprises, so size is no barrier. One of the great things about hosting is that most of it is geographically remote – gaining advantage from it doesn’t depend on where you are.

Tech or non tech

  • Hosting is undoubtedly a technical subject. We’re happy to supplement the resources of your own technical team, but we’re also more than happy to help where you don’t have any techies, but recognise an opportunity here for your organisation.

Greener IT

  • Lastly, hosted options may appeal if you have green aspirations. The systems used are usually extremely efficient and have a low carbon foot-print.

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