Real time monitoring

  • Our systems have a tiny software footprint, and unobtrusively provide leading edge 24x7x365 monitoring in real time, flagging potential problems.

Early warning

  • Being able to identify potential faults and problems before they happen gives you a better chance to manage and eliminate the problem in a timely way, without it becoming a disaster.

Advanced warning

  • Sometimes there is no warning when things go wrong, and the first you get to hear about it is when you arrive in the office. Any advanced warning you get will give you more time to work on a resolution.

Prevention rather than cure

  • As well as notification of pending issues, we provide threat management and make sure all your computers are updated with the latest security patches and anti-virus and anti-spam updates. This will prevent a lot of issues, and offer you peace of mind.

A step towards compliance

  • A structured methodology around Event Management will get you closer to best practise and compliance.

Filtering out the noise

  • As part of our 24×7 monitoring service, we can work with you to identify your critical systems. We will configure our monitoring service to highlight these so we can notify on key events only. One of the major problems with monitoring alerts and events is the sheer volume of data it generates.

Setup and configuration

  • We will install any software components needed and perform the initial configuration. We can then provide summary reports and dashboard access on your ICT inventory, performance or any of the items mentioned in the section above “What we cover”.