Unlimited onsite support included at no extra cost

  • Some technical issues can only be resolved on your premises and sometimes much faster in person. Those sorts of issues are often the most critical ones to your business.
  • With our Support-IT package your back is covered – there are no additional costs for technical expertise and fast recovery – we don’t hold you to ransom when you need our help the most.

Efficient financial management

  • Your ICT support costs are restricted to a simple monthly fee. The price is known in advance, fixed regardless of how much support time you use, so it’s a predictable operational expense, easing cash flow and budget management.
  • Support-IT will save you paying for limited block time in advance of the requirement, or facing the expense of maintaining your own in-house technical team.

Lowest possible disruption to your business

  • Many support providers hide behind their “time to respond” to your requests but we go beyond this. We aim at resolving your issues as quickly as we can.
  • Of course, your call will be answered within 15 seconds or less, and you’ll be speaking to a qualified and experienced technician – not a call-logger or an automated menu system.
  • We understand that minimising disruption to your business is critical. Customer service is our focus.

No limits on your support

  • With Support-IT package, you have access to unlimited remote monitoring, 24×7, unlimited remote service desk support, unlimited onsite engineering time, and unlimited technical advice.

Complete technical expertise is yours

  • Recruiting and maintaining your own team of technicians is difficult and expensive. The need to have all aspects of your ICT covered increases the costs and challenge.
  • Every member our technical team is fully trained and accredited. They’re there when you need them, so your problem is solved.
  • You’ll be freed up to focus on the management of your business, with the technology there to help you achieve commercial success and growth.

Early warnings outside business hours

  • We’ll help avoid disruption to your business. Our 24×7 monitoring helps us anticipate problems before they happen. If they do happen we’re able to notify you and take action accordingly.

Simple and Secure ICT management

  • We’ll take the weight off your shoulders and save you hours, so you’re free to get on with your import commercial activities.
  • We’ll take care of your staff and the daily application of patches and fixes to all your computers, including updates to your anti-virus and threat-management software.