What does our technology do?

Our remote management & monitoring system lets us:

  • Report accurately on your technology estate
  • Make sure your data is backed-up and you are safe from risk
  • Update and patch your software for best reliability
  • Keep security and threat management (Anti-virus, etc) right up-to-date across your organisation
  • Report accurately on your technology estate

Workflow management systems include:

  • Ticket tracking and management
  • Realtime prioritisation and resource allocation
  • ITIL aligned processes for event, incident, problem and change management
  • You receive realtime notifications and updates regarding your tickets and projects
  • Audit trails on changes and activities
  • SLA management and multiple clocks ticking so we won’t break our promises around response and fix times
  • Project Management
  • Portal logins and email interaction to give you flexibility in generating, updating and following your issues and requests with us
  • Flexibility allowing us to adapt to changing needs that you may have

Reporting and tracking includes:

  • Realtime reporting to help us manage and prioritise our support and operations
  • Identifying trends around your IT support
  • Reports on our services issued to you (qualitative and quantitative measures)
  • Reports on your systems (your software and hardware assets)
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Deep tracking of our operations, from individual tickets right up to our company-wide KPIs and objectives

Integration of our systems:

  • Our systems link directly to our financial reporting and invoicing systems for accuracy and efficiency
  • Our systems for purchasing and proposal management are also fully integrated

Communications technology offers:

  • Full reporting on our telephony activities – we can make sure that we’re answering calls quickly for example
  • Call-routing, queuing and management, to ensure you speak to the right people as quickly as possible
  • Automated ticket creation from our telephone system when needed, including attachment of voicemails left out-of-hours so we can be on top of anything you report as soon as we are around, as a matter of priority

Documentation software provides:

  • Extensive and growing knowledge base of fixes to problems and issues for faster fixes
  • Integration with our other systems to document technical details of your systems automatically – no duplication, searching for information, and no room for error or mistakes
  • Secure access for you, so you can view information about your technology and equipment – great for internal IT teams

The same as it does for you (we use the same tools as you):

  • We have detailed knowledge and experience of the tools you use so we can be of greater help to you
  • We can help manage your security and access to systems and information in accordance with your needs
  • We can manage your computer setup and configurations using standard tools like Active Directory and Group Policy
  • We can configure or rebuild computers for you before shipping to site to save you time