Whether you call it a Help Desk or a Service Desk, maintaining an efficient and comprehensive support process in house is costly and time consuming, and there are issues covering absence, and experienced staff moving on, so it makes sense to outsource some or all of the function.

Many clients outsource a part of their own service desk, such as front line (level 1) to us, in order to take advantage of our advanced ticketing capabilities, or their escalation process so they have specialist expertise.


Any time you have an issue with your ICT you can be certain that it will be dealt with quickly, efficiently, transparently (so you know whats happening), and with expertise. We also give you numerous ways to create a support ticket and monitor progress.

An outsourced service desk will raise the perception of IT with your end users. The efficiency, comprehensive cover and management provided will increase user satisfaction and create a positive impression in respect of the way that support is run.

Instant Expertise

Part of the fast, efficient resolution of these issues is down to the expertise and experience of our technical team, as individuals and collectively through our knowledge base.

Specialist resource on-hand

The cost of training your own staff in all areas of ICT can be prohibitive, and through economies of scale we can offer technical resource at a fraction of the cost. You can also take advantage of the flexibility we offer and scale your support resource with your business. It is the perfect answer to handling any backlogs or overflow that your internal Help Desk may be experiencing.

Cost savings

All of these factors will help you keep the costs of ICT down and productivity high. In addition our cost model is based on transparent pricing (agreed in advance with no hidden costs) and monthly payments, so you can plan and budget more effectively.

Free-up Resources

If you have your own IT resource they are freed up to focus on more strategic business-focused ICT projects, or on any bespoke systems that you may be running. Plus, absences and breaks are always covered. Lastly, your use of office space will be lower and this could be important if your business is growing.