About the webinar

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through the basic principles of email security and show you a practical demonstration of Mimecast’s capabilities and features.

  • Why email security is important
  • The email threat landscape
  • Mimecast and capabilities
  • Demonstration of advanced threat protection
  • Overview of other Mimecast products
  • Common troubleshooting tips

By the end of the session our aim is that you will;

  • Understand the basic principles of email security
  • Have an improved awareness of suspicious emails
  • Know how to view emails safely and manage contacts

We will also explore how you can use Mimecast’s advanced features more effectively and efficiently, including the integrated extension for Outlook, as well as the cloud platform and the mobile application for Android and iOS.

*Please note: interactive features are not available on this recording.

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If you still need support or have any further questions following the webinar, please contact the Air IT Service Desk on 0115 860 2094, email support@airit.co.uk or log a ticket through the Air IT Service Hub.


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