Managed Backup’s – how Air-IT can help

Backups need regular checking – you need them to be reliable since the future of your business depends on them.

With our experience, and our extremely strong relationships with vendors, we’re in a great position to ensure that your data is safe and that your backup is a reliable and failsafe solution.

Optimal backup configuration

  • Configuring and setting-up the scheduling is necessary if you want optimal use of your hardware and storage, optimal file-recovery options, and minimal disturbance to the day-to-day running of your systems. Changes in circumstances may dictate revised configurations and schedules too.

On-going support and checking

  • Not only will we be there to handle your high-priority recovery requests, but we’re also proactive in handling any alerts.

Scalability and savings on hardware

  • We also monitor the routine operation of your backups, so we’re able to let you know well in advance of any issues with capacity of your storage or network bandwidth.
  • We can also help optimise the way your backups run to create the best mix of performance, resource utilisation, and recovery flexibility for your needs. And we’re also here to advise on options when the time comes to upgrade to a more comprehensive solution as your business grows.

On-premise, Hybrid or Cloud

  • We have options for a mix of local backup devices and backup services hosted in our secure Cloud. This gives you a spread of options, from fast file recovery to a remote disaster recovery in new premises option.

Lower maintenance

  • With our checks, the maintenance burden on you will be almost negligible, but the other side to this is managing resource utilisation.
  • We will also monitor this for you, so there will be no surprises such as your backups suddenly stopping because they’re out of space. By actively managing them for you, we can prolong their life by optimising the jobs and archiving to the Cloud, and give you plenty of warning prior to any need to upgrade hardware, so you should be able to plan and budget.

Virtualisation ready

  • Our Managed Backup services are virtualisation ready, meaning that they cover more than just your files and data – they are also image based, so they understand server virtualisation, and can have your systems back up-and-running in the shortest possible time.