At Air-IT, we offer Managed Print Solutions (MPS) for companies of all sizes. Whether you need a single device or printers across multiple sites, we can help you reduce output and cost with predictable pricing for all of your hardware, supplies and service costs.

Managing your print environment

Smart devices are changing business operations worldwide and smart printers are no exception. Combined with innovative software solutions, managed print services can be the key to unlocking greater efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

Unnecessary printing and copying wastes paper, energy, money and time. It can also hurt the environment and presents security risks when documents are not used or disposed of responsibly.

But thanks to increasing capabilities, managed print services like Lexmark Advantage MPS Core are changing the way for a smarter future.


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Benefits of Managed Print

The benefits of managed print are far reaching. Businesses who use these services typically depend on fewer devices, print fewer pages, and spend much less than those with a traditional print environment.

Greater control

  • Managing your print services can help you monitor usage and identify where you can reduce output to save resources and money.

Predictable pricing

  • We’ll help you determine your average usage and create a predictable monthly pricing structure that covers all of your hardware, supplies and service costs so there are never any expensive surprises.

Proactive suplply management

  • Take care of all your printing supplies automatically. Free up time managing and storing stock, and only pay for what you use.

Service and support on tap

  • With routine maintenance as standard, we’ll monitor the health of your printers to keep you ahead of any outages. In the event of any issues, we’ll come out within the next working day at no extra charge.

Security and compliance

  • Increase security with solutions that protect sensitive documents and confidentiality to support regulatory compliance.

Reduce your environmental impact

  • With 100% of consumables either reused or recycled, you can support environmental policies and initiatives with zero waste sent to landfill.

Choosing the right printer for your business

As a Lexmark Gold Partner, we’ll help you pick from a range of efficient and versatile Lexmark printers to suit your usage.


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Whether you need mono or colour devices, Air-IT supply everything from compact desktop printers to multi-function solutions that allow you to print, copy, scan and fax from a single device.

FREE Managed Print Audit

To find out if your business can save money on printing costs, why not take advantage of a FREE print audit from Air-IT?

First of all, we’ll visit your offices to find out more about your current set up and printing needs. We will then run some tests to determine your average usage.

Next, we will document our findings and make recommendations based on your printing needs. Finally, we’ll let you know how much we think you could save by switching to managed print.

Start your journey to Managed Print Services with Air-IT

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