If you have access rights to approve tickets for any other staff members in your company Change Notice Approvals will be visible under the Service menu.

Approving tickets

Approving tickets

Pending Approvals

The number of pending tickets that require approval will be indicated by the red circle next to Change Notice Approvals in the left hand menu.

The Service Hub icon on your task bar will also highlight your number of approvals as well as any notifications that you have pending.


No. of tickets to approve

How to Approve Tickets

To approve tickets click Change Notice Approvals and you will see all tickets that require your approval. Click on your chosen ticket and you can then choose to Grant or Decline approval.

Grant or Decline ticket approval

Grant or Decline ticket approval

You also have the option to upload a file, add a note and close, flag or refresh the ticket before approval.

Need help or more information

If you’re having any difficulties using Service Hub, need more information or want to arrange training, please call our Service Desk on +44 (0)115 860 2094 or email support@air-it.co.uk