• CryptoBlocker Watchdog

    Enhanced Ransomware Protection for Air-IT Clients

    Having launched version one of our bespoke ransomware tool last November we’re now enhancing the solution to detect, limit and block the spread of malware at end user level which we’re rolling out for every managed client during 2017.

  • Air IT Security Audit Nottingham

    Upcoming Regulation to Fine Companies for Cyber Breaches

    The UK Government has conducted a review into the country’s cyber security. The study focussed on determining how serious the threat is to UK businesses, and whether companies have taken adequate steps to protect themselves. Additionally, it discussed whether the Government should incentivise good cyber risk management via regulation.

  • cyber-security ransomware tool Air-IT support Nottingham

    Air-IT launch new cyber-security tool to block ransomware

    Air-IT is delighted to announce that we have launched a new cyber-security tool, which allows us to automatically detect, limit and block the spread of ransomware attacks such as Cryptolocker.