• Air-IT awarded IASME Standard

    Air-IT awarded IASME Consortium Standard

    We’re extremely pleased to have been certified under the IASME cyber security Governance standard. Having already gained the government backed cyber essentials certification, the achievement further demonstrates our commitment to cyber security and leading by example within this space.

  • Email Fraud banner Air IT Support

    Combating the Threat of CEO Fraud

    Most businesses are now aware of the importance of cyber security and have taken steps to protect their systems against malware. But email impersonation, also known as CEO fraud, poses an additional challenge, and traditional security software alone may not be an adequate defence.

  • Air IT Cyber Essentials Certified Logo

    Air-IT Gains Cyber Essentials Certification

    Air-IT is delighted to have been awarded the government backed Cyber Essentials (CE) Certification, proving our commitment to safeguarding our systems and data, and reinforcing our capabilities as a provider of managed security services.

  • email invoice fraud advice - Air-IT

    Email and Invoice Fraud: safeguarding your business

    Many businesses are losing thousands of pounds due to invoice fraud, running in to billions each year. The problem is widespread and likely to be under-reported. Here’s what you need to know and do to keep your business safe.

  • Cryptolocker Ransomware - Air IT support

    Cryptolocker Ransomware threats on the rise again

    Many businesses are losing critical documents and information through renewed attacks on their computers by new strains of the Cryptolocker Ransomware virus. Find out what you need to know and do to protect yourself.

  • Air IT support phishing advice

    Staying Safe from Spam and Phishing Emails

    Find out how your business can stay safe, protect itself and follow best practice to avoid any threat posed by spam, phishing emails and viruses.