• Air IT Support UK Safer Internet Day

    We’re Supporting UK Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 7th February

    On Tuesday 7th February, Air-IT took part in UK Safer Internet Day. Celebrated globally and coordinated nationally by the UK Safer Internet Centre, the campaign sees hundreds of schools and organisations join together to raise awareness of online safety issues.

  • Air IT Support VPN solutions

    Latest Apple updates block access to company information

    Many people have reported that their iPhones have suddenly blocked access to their company apps or data when they’re away from the office. If this has happened to you, or you feel that it would be a problem if it did, there are measures you can take.

  • login screen - Air IT support tips on strong passwords

    Password Do’s and ‘Don’ts – Handy Tips to Stay Safe

    Secure passwords are your first line of defence against cybercrime. Choosing weak passwords that can be guessed easily or worse still – using the same password for all your online accounts can be a costly mistake to make.

  • Dual monitor set up Air IT support tips

    Gain extra screen space with dual monitors

    We’re always keen to offer tips on how best to use your IT systems. In this article, we take a look at setting up a second monitor to quickly and inexpensively double your amount of on-screen work space.