Unlike the vast majority of IT Service providers we have complete expertise in communications and telephony with one point of contact, under one roof.

Telecoms services and solutions for business

Together with our telecoms division, MBC (which is an Ofcom and FCS registered specialist in communications and telephony), we’re able to offer a unique and comprehensive range of services and solutions that cover all your business telecoms needs.

This is perfect, where the trend is in converging technology: we bring together the full expertise, convenience, all-encompassing simplicity, speed of response, and value for money from having everything under the one roof.

Plus you’ll save money, simplify your business telephony, improve efficiency and set yourself up for future growth.

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Our telecoms services

As you would expect, we offer a full portfolio of telecoms options, and these complement our IT services and solutions. We can save you money in comparison with other suppliers whose specialism is limited to either IT or telecoms alone.

Our expert team creates bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs streamlining services, reducing costs and increasing productivity and efficiency.

We also offer remote service desk, onsite support, 24×7 monitoring, and maintenance options.

Other services include hosted numbers, conference calling, fax to email, on-hold marketing, as well as telephone systems, business phone lines, call packages and business mobiles.

Business phone lines
Call Packages
Business mobiles

Business phone lines

We can reduce your line rental costs, manage your incoming calls and simplify the installation of new lines or the transfer of existing ones quickly and efficiently, whether they are fixed analogue, digital phone lines or SIP trunks routing calls via the Internet.

Benefits include:

  • Business grade packages, offering tailored call and line rental, to save you up to 35% on costs
  • Simple project-managed installation
  • 24×7 access to our expert technical team

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Call Packages

Based on your company’s patterns of usage our packages offer lower costs for calling the destinations you call most often.

You have an option of fixed price packages too, provided you stay within allocated minutes. We can save you money with call contracts if you’re still under contract for your line rental too.

Other features include:

  • Up to 35% saving on costs, plus no setup or connection charges
  • Simple monthly invoice for all call and line rental charges
  • Keep your numbers when you move to us
  • Anti-fraud flags abnormal calling costs and patterns

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Business mobiles

Our expert advice will ensure you get the right combination of voice, text and data access at the best possible price from a wide selection of contracts, and leading handsets and tablet devices.

We can ship devices ready configured, with the box labelled with name and phone number, including data transfer from old devices.

Paperwork and admin will be reduced through a single monthly bill for all your mobiles. In addition, we also offer:

  • Mobile phone insurance
  • Data SIMs & dongles, including 4G enabled devices
  • Help to stay on top of call charges with our mobile review and account management service
  • We’ll negotiate mobile phone contracts to get you the best and most cost-effective deal

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Free telecoms review

We’ll review all of your current telecoms services to assess whether they’re meeting your needs cost-effectively. You can also ask us to carry out a full communications audit that looks in-depth at all your business communications and internet services.

Choosing Air-IT could save you money and simplify your business communications, improving efficiency and facilitating future growth.

What next?

If you’d like a free review of your telecoms, or to find out how to save money and simplify your business telephony and communications, please contact us today to speak to one of our communications specialists.